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The eoda | data science portal supports the interdisciplinary collaboration in data science projects. Filtering and examining data, exchanging data and visualizations via deep links, developing algorithms as well as visualizing and evaluating results: seamless and without media disruptions.




The data science workflow of the eoda | data science portal connects data, analytics and specialized knowledge: use case definition, development and optimization of statistical models or the presentation of results. A role-based workflow will increase the efficiency in the data-driven daily business.



Interactive Dashboards

More than 20 different widgets can be flexibly arranged to role-specific dashboards. From exploratory data analyses to results-oriented and individual visualizations: comprehensive configuration possibilities in the eoda | data science portal allow for an easy implementation.



Connectivity Packages

Maximum usability for data scientists and specialists: connectivity packages for script languages such as R, Python or Julia enable the data scientist to work as usual in an IDE such as RStudio with a connection to the portal. With the filter option getfilter (“machine error”) he will see the same data that the service engineer defined as “machine error” in the portal.

eoda | data science core: controlling analytics projects

The data science core forms a solid foundation for the everyday work with data. It minimizes error potential in the development and operation, takes care of the management and versioning of project resources and is responsible for controlling the execution of scripts. Manage your data science projects in an easily comprehensible way – with only one tool.

More information on the eoda | data science core.

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