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The framework for the professional application of R

Data science has become a key competence in many industries. R is one of the best solutions for analyzing and visualizing data, for data mining and predictive analytics. It plays a decisive role in many data-driven business processes.

eoda | operateR is a modular framework of tools, methods, processes, best practice approaches and know-how which allows for a successful professional use of open source R in a company. Version management, package management, documentation or testing – eoda | operateR combines important components in order to create standardized analysis processes in the business environment.

With more than 10,000 extension packages, R offers the latest data analysis methods and procedures for almost every usage scenario. Unlock the benefits of the free programming language with eoda | operateR and profit from a holistic stack which will increase the efficiency and reliability of your analytic workflows.

The benefits of eoda | operateR for you:

  • Reliability: operateR combines proven best practice approaches and thus ensures security for the operative application of R.

  • State of the art: Data science teams can achieve maximum performance with the state of the art techniques and processes of the operateR.

  • Process validity: With operateR you can create an analysis environment that enables you to generate valid processes by means of role definition, documentation and version management.

  • Process efficiency: operateR helps you to integrate R perfectly into your data-driven processes.

  • Collaboration: operateR supports the collaboration between data science and business departments and facilitates the onboarding of new staff and external service providers.

  • Individuality: operateR will be adjusted individually to your situation and requirements.

  • Professional partner: Benefit from the experience and know-how of the leading R integrator eoda.

eoda | operateR Fact Sheet: All information at a glance

The eoda | operateR Assessment

With the eoda | operateR Assessment you will obtain a comprehensive overview of the status quo of your analytics environment and receive a detailed realization concept with roadmap and precise recommendations for the professional application of R in your company. Profit from the impartial consulting and extensive experience of the leading R specialist. The eoda | operateR Assessment consists of the following components:


Assessment of your initial situation and your individual requirements in a telephone interview.


One- to two-day inhouse workshop which will be used to identify the current situation and existing potentials in close dialogue with the responsible departments.

Realization concept

Detailed report with an evaluation of the status quo of your data-driven processes and an individual roadmap for optimizing your data-driven processes

The eoda | operateR Framework

eoda | operateR is a framework of different components. Its composition and configuration will be adjusted to the requirements ascertained in our assessment. We perform the implementation for you and support you in the operation of your R environment.


The answer to the question where the R environment is to be operated has decisive effects on performance and administration but also on the individual access rights of the users.

Examples: Client Server, desktop

Automation + Deployment

Infrastructure for event and time-controlled execution of analyses and automated testing.

Examples: Continuous Integration Scenarios with Jenkins



The correct documentation of code or the definition of a consistent style guide facilitates the collaboration and efficiency of the analysis team as well as the reproducibility of the processes.

Examples: Functions, processes, styling

Integrated Development Environment

From file management to syntax highlighting - the decision for a development environment significantly affects the usability of R.

Examples: R-Studio, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Jgr


As an alternative to the standardised GNU R there are some more R interpreters. They differ especially in performance, e.g. with regard to the analysis of big data. 

Examples: GNU R, Oracle R, Oracle R Enterprise, Microsoft R, TIBCO TERR

Package Management

The productive application of R imposes special requirements on the use of packages, e.g. by making use of older packages.

Examples: miniCRAN, Packrat, checkpoint, eoda recommendations

Rights/Access Management

Depiction of workflows with individual role definitions and a granular authorisation concept. By this, you can create the ideal illustration facilities and applicability for every user.

Example: Integration LDAP System, Integration Active Directory


Static PDF, HTML document or interactive web application - different reporting formats can be generated from R. In this way, analysis results can be transferred into operational business.

Examples: knitr (Markdown, Latex, HTML, Pandoc), shiny (HTML, JavaScript), RStudio Connect

Staging Architecture

Adjusting the established procedure from software development to R: Creating different environments for different maturity levels of the analysis - from the development to the live environment.

Examples: Dev, Test, Live


Systematic testing of R code in order to identify and lastingly eliminate errors. The package testthat, for example, refers to Unit Testing from classical software development.

Examples: testthat, individual tests, eoda support

Version Management

For the professional application of R it is recommended to use version management in order to record changes to the source code comprehensibly and transparently.

Examples: Git, Git-Flow Branching Model, GitLab, GitLab Enterprise, Atlassian Bitbucket, SVN, TFS, Semantic Versioning

External Analysis Frameworks

For specific analysis scenarios such as Deep Learning or linear optimization there are external frameworks which can be addressed via APIs. We evaluate and implement the appropriate framework for you.

Examples: MXNet, H2O, IpSolve

eoda | operateR Operation

The implemented framework can be operated by the eoda data science infrastructure team or by your own IT.



  • Monitoring of server and software components
  • Evaluation of logfiles
  • Observation of the release plan of components with regard to critical updates


  • Creating new users or extending storage capacity
  • Rapid fault rectification
  • Regular as well as unscheduled updates of all components of the analysis environment


  • Support of users and IT in case of problems with the eoda | operateR
  • In addition: assistance of data scientists for questions regarding R

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