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How do you shorten the time from a product idea to market readiness? How can you enhance the reliability of your production? How can supply bottlenecks be avoided in the future?

The answers to these and other crucial questions are hidden in your data. From the development of groundbreaking innovations to a fast and reliable supply of medicines to the optimization of value chains: a professional analysis of the data generated on a daily basis can open up undreamt-of opportunities and competitive advantages for pharmaceutical companies.

As data science specialist, we are your contact for all questions relating to data science and big data. We support you from the identification and evaluation of the most attractive use cases for your requirements to the data management and the actual analysis up to the derivation of recommendations for action. We recognize previously unknown patterns and correlations in your data, develop reliable forecasting models for you and thus enable you to optimally adapt your business model to the challenges of the digital age.

Whether productivity increases in research & development or better networking with patients - we combine our analytical know-how with your specialist knowledge and thus find the best solution for your use case.

Use cases and benefits

Product Development

We support you in the statistical design of experiments and the goal of using analyses to find the best combination of ingredients with as few test series as possible. This reduces research and development costs and shortens the time-to-market.


Data science is one of the key components of Industry 4.0: Your production machines not only produce components for your products, but also large amounts of data, recorded by a number of sensors. We use this data to generate information for you that will help you to increase product quality and significantly reduce machine failures by means of predictive maintenance.


Are certain raw materials subject to price fluctuations on the market? How can the production be adjusted to the forecast of next month's sales? Which sales campaigns have the best chance of success? We link and analyze different data sources for you in order to find answers to these questions and make your distribution more efficient.


Big data in the pharmaceuticals sector

Collect, store - and then?

Everybody's talking about Big Data. It is also an important future topic for the pharma industry. But what data is it actually about? Which are particularly important and how do they have to be recorded so that they can be used sensibly in the future? eoda Chief Data Scientist Oliver Bracht gives tips for the optimal handling of pharmaceutical data as part of an article in the German magazine Pharma Relations.

To the press article.

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Benefit from the know-how and experience of the German data science specialist and unlock the potential of your data.


We believe in data science enablement. In our training courses we will teach you the skills for writing your own digital success story.


YUNA offers you the foundation for a productive application of data science in companies.

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