customer analysis

Understanding customer behavior with data science

Know your customers’ demands and increase your sales


The knowledge of your customers’ needs and requirements will enable you to make your services and your customer approach more effective.

Intensify your customer relationships and discover risks and potentials at an early stage. By acting proactively you can avert imminent contract terminations and reduce the costs for expensive customer recovery campaigns.

When your supply specifically meets the existing demand, you can increase your customers’ loyalty and satisfaction, thus laying the foundation of a sustainable sales success.

eoda | customer analysis will provide you with valuable information on your customers. You can use this knowledge for reliable sales forecasts and to promote the marketing of your products and services.

We consult and support you with our broad analytical set of methods from data collection to statistical analysis to the deduction of recommendations:


Data Science Environment

We develop your individual solution for the customer analysis based on our data science platform.



The innovative applicaton for the market basket analysis helps you in the creation of reliable customer profiles.

We detect the most important information for you from CRM systems, e-mail histories and other internal and external databases. We discover causalities in your customer data, identify attractive customer clusters, and create significant forecast models. Additionally, we offer the know-how for attaining valuable insights from targeted customer surveys.

We provide performant and high-quality analysis applications as a service or on premise based on our Data Science Environment. Our innovative app associateR is designed specifically for market basket analyses and can be adjusted to your needs.


The benefits of eoda | customer analysis at a glance:

  • Holism: We offer a comprehensive portfolio for customer analysis, from data collection to analysis to recommendations for Action.
  • Reliability: Our know-how, experience from numerous projects, and proven toolset will enable you to gain reliable information on your customers’ behavior.
  • Efficiency: Existing modules allow for a fast and inexpensive project execution.
  • Flexibility: Our customer analysis tools can be integrated seamlessly in your existing systems.


Use Cases of eoda | customer analysis

  • Sales forecast: A reliable forecast of your future sales based on customer data and external information, e.g. from weather models.
  • Pricing: Information on your customers’ buying behavior and their willingness to pay will enable a more efficient pricing and better targeted price campaigns.
  • Space Management: Recognize your customers’ buying behavior and achieve maximum sales by designing your salesrooms according to the demand.
  • Recommendation Engines: Make use of intelligent recommendation systems in e-commerce in order to show your customers products which they are really interested in.

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