customer analysis

Optimising customer approach with data science

Understanding customer behavior with data science.


Pattern recognition, customer segmentation or churn prevention - we are your contact when it comes to generate valuable knowledge of customer data with analytical methods.

A multitude of customer information coming from CRM system data such as past transactions, demographic information, receipt data or results of customer surveys is already available for you. We have the know-how and methods to analyse and link your data. This enables us to give you a better insight of your customers and help shape your future decisions.


Application cases and their advantages

Customer segmentation

In-depth understanding of the customers’ needs is the basis for targeted approach. We use data mining methods to identify the most attractive customer groups for achieving your goals and thereby increase the response rate of your marketing and sales activities. At the same time, you reduce your costs through a more targeted- oriented approach.

Shopping basket analysis

The shopping basket analysis is an approved method to present the customers purchase behaviour more transparent in order to optimally position yourself to market requirements. Using association analyses, we identify patterns in past data of your customers. Valuable information about the customers preferences which we provide, can help you design your salesroom, coordinating promotions or providing the perfect offer for every customer.

Churn Prevention

Often it is more valuable to deepen already existing customer relationships than to acquire new customers. Churn prevention is on of the central elements of retention marketing. With the help of data science, we can recognise patterns and therefore forecast which customer shows a high risk of churn. This allows you to take proactive measurements against the loss of customers and to raise customers loyalty.

Case studies

Developing a scoring algorithm for customer segmentation

We have supported databyte GmbH with a scoring algorithm to determine potential new customers that show a high probability of closing a deal. This has helped databyte to increase the efficiency of new customer acquisition and to reduce costs thanks to minimised scatter loss.



Optimising the customer approach with data mining methods

We have used data mining to determine the affinity of customers for special consulting topics. This have helped the VR-Bank Werra-Meißner eG to improve its sales processes in the customer approach to increase the response rate.

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