Data Science

Data Science as link between big data and big business

Who will be the customer of tomorrow, which machine is most likely to fail next or what is the best delivery route? The application possibilities of data science are endless across all industries. The ability to extract knowledge from data makes it possible to look into the future and make evidence-based decisions.

The key for this is a holistic approach: Data Science combines interdisciplinary skills from mathematics, informatics, statistics and software development with good understanding of business processes and a marked communicative competence.


We are data science specialists 

We support our customers with a comprehensive analytic portfolio. From data acquisition to the analysis and integration as well as the identification of recommendations – we support you lastingly and transparently in the handling of your data.

Based on our extensive experience from data science projects and with our broad set of methods we help you to position yourself in the best possible way for the era of big data – from identifying the right use case to implementing analytics. Learn more about the eoda | Use Case Workshop or the eoda | data science environment, our modular framework for the user-friendly provision of data science applications.

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