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Data Science in the Energy Sector

Without energy and the providing companies the world would stand still.

In an age when almost everything is done electronically, when we don’t want to miss the luxury of a heated home, and when we appreciate the advantages of a fully fuelled car despite the high costs, the significance of the energy sector is steadily growing.

However, it is also undergoing a period of transition and constantly faces new requirements. Legal regulations and reforms such as the 2014 EEG amendment require continuous flexibility and rethinking.

Big Data in der Energiebranche


Changing Demand

Increase in the global demand for electricity and a growing share of renewable energies in the course of the energy turnaround.

Price War

Competition from low-cost suppliers and information from price comparison portals trigger price war.


National and European regulations restrict the companies’ freedom of action.

Information Requirements

In order to satisfy all those demands in the context of a constantly growing global market, effective methods and an adequate IT support are required.

Market requirements

Demand for high reliability of supply and low environmental pollution.


Customer losses

Difficult customer retention due to the multitude of suppliers that resulted from the liberalization of the energy markets.


The energy of the future ist not just green but intelligent as well. In this future, intelligent electricty Networks and terminal devices will communicate, thus revealing an enormous energy saving potential.

Dr. Jochen Köckler

Deutsche Messe AG

Energy and Big Data

Insights gained from data analyses can be useful for the energy sector in various ways.

Modern possibilities of data collection and evaluation provide the energy sector with unimagined opportunities. A more reliable supply, the developing of pioneering innovations or the optimization of customer loyalty – the potential of data is enormous:



Energy Consumption Control

In the near future, consumers will increasingly be equipped with smart meters. Since these are constantly connected to the providers, valuable information about customers and their energy consumption can be obtained.

Demand Forecast

Structured and unstructured data can be used to predict the future consumption as well as possible network overloads or breakdowns. Overproductions and bottlenecks can thus be prevented.

Customer Portfolios

Information about individual energy demands and the usage behavior of consumers can help to better coordinate supply and demand. This also allows for a more specific address of customers and improves customer loyalty.

Predictive Maintenance

By means of data, failures can be reduced and the productivity increased. In this way, unnecessary inspections can be avoided, risks can be identified early, and disruptions rectified quickly or even prevented.

Predictive Analytics

Future developments of the various influencing factors (e.g. weather) can be predicted and included in the requirements planning. Production and pricing can thus be controlled more precisely.

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We can help you transform your big data volume into reliable insights and concrete solutions so that you can benefit from a great advantage.

We support you by applying our broad analytical toolset which can be adjusted individually to your requirements and provide added value to you. We will gladly advise you on predictive analytics (predictive maintenance), data mining and optimization procedures, providing you with a sound basis for your corporate planning and simplifying your operational activities.

This will also enable you to optimize your general processes and plan them more efficiently. With Results as a Service we offer a scalable framework for individual solutions based on existing modules. Immediately available, target-aimed, integrated and easy to handle.

In our approved trainings on the powerful programming language R, we share our knowledge with you, enabling you to convert big data into smart data on your own.

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