Data Science for the energy sector

Data Science for energy industries

We implement analytics for the energy sector


How is the electricity price going to be in the next days? How high is the share of renewable energies which is fed into the grid? How is my customers’ energy consumption developing?

As data science specialists we are your contact for all questions concerning data mining and predictive analytics. We also recognise previously unknown patterns and connections in your data and develop intelligent forecasting models which provide you with information advantages for your decisions across departments.

We support you in identifying the most attractive use-cases for your requirements. In developing models and training your employees, we implement a data science solution in your business processes.

Application cases and their advantages

Energy Forecast

A reliable forecast for expected occurrence of renewable energies is the decision criteria for every energy producers, network providers and direct marketers. When past data is created through power generation and external information, for example weather data or our know-how in the field of data science, reliable forecasting models can help you precisely estimate energy consumption.

Requirement analysis

The basis for a resilient demand planning is an analysis of the customers usage behaviour, for example with the evaluation of smart meter data. In identifying patterns within your data, we detect correlations that can help you adapt into your customers behaviour. Therefore, you can avoid bottlenecks in the energy supply and improve your calculations of energy prices, in other words include decisive elements of a smart grid into your business processes.

Customer analysis

Energy suppliers often have very accurate information about their customers and prospects, whether it is demographic information or consumption patterns. We enable you to use the given information and optimise your marketing and sales activities and to customise your offers. Discover early imminent cases of fraud, proactively counteract contract termination or find the right pricing for your target groups.

Case Studies

Precise forecasting models to compensate network losses of 50Hertz


Physically induced losses occur during power transmission. These network losses must be compensated by the purchase of the predicted loss volume through via electricity exchange. To ensure that the transmission network provider 50Hertz knows the amount of electricity that must be compensated, precise forecasts are indispensable. For this purpose, eoda has created reliable forecast models based on data mining for 50Hertz.


Electricity price forecasting with text mining

In order to exploit efficiency potentials and open up new business areas, an anonymous energy provider relies heavily on data mining and predictive analytics. Analysing numerous and diverse data, we aim to support the decision-making process within the company based on targeted and reliable analyses. In case of electricity trade, the new agency Reuters records up-to-the-minute news and examines news for relevance in the development of energy prices.

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