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Whether it is risk management, liquidity audit or guiding marketing and sales campaign – we, as data science specialists, are your contact when it comes to gaining valuable knowledge from your data to improve your business processes.

We accompany you starting from the identification of the most attractive use – cases up to the increase of data quality. Following a suitable model development, we implement a data science solution into your business processes. Would you like to build up the necessary know-how for yourself? Within the scope of our data science training or individual workshops, we train you and your employees the essential use so that you can write your own success story in the field of data science and big data.

Application cases and their advantages

Customer analysis

What is a customer’s affinity for a new product? Which of your customers is considering a termination of an existing investment or insurance? We give you the answers to these questions. In bringing together a large number of data sources, we generate valuable insights by using data mining methods, for example the shopping basket analysis. Creating a deeper understanding of your costumers’ behaviour shows you how to organise marketing and sales activities more effectively.

Risk analysis

Sustainable decisions and proactive actions can be created through an early identification and correct assessment of risks. We support you with proven analysis procedures such as managing bank lending or identifying risky customer segments. In doing so, we create a solid foundation for successful risk management.

Fraud analytics

We detect existing cases of fraud and forecast criminal activities for you. Tried and tested algorithms can automatically identify suspicious irregularities in your customer data and react early to fraudulent intentions. Therefore, we provide you with a valid knowledge base to reduce the effort of reviewing every individual case and minimise the risk of becoming a victim of expensive fraud.

Case study

Customer analysis for the VR-Bank Werra-Meißner eG

With the help of data mining, we determine the customers affinity for special consulting topics. The gained knowledge has helped us optimise the sales processes in customer approach and services for the VR- Bank Werra- Meißner eG. After a short period of time with the new campaign, a significant increase in response rate could be observed. Thanks to eodas’ customer affinity analysis, the VR- Bank succeeds in talking more frequently to the right customer about the right topics.


KPI forecast for insurance companies

We implement for a leading German insurance group a reliable forecasting of important key figures. Expenses or loss rations can be monitored in an existing app for generating reports.


Early fraud detection with data science

We have developed a fraud detection analysis based on Benford’s law for a leading service provider in the finance sector. The developed algorithm decides when an assumption of the Benford analysis is violated, consequently leading to suspicious figures indicating a fraud case. The customer will be informed via e-mail in case of any striking figures. This project sets a prime example for the application of data science in business processes.

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