Integrated Industry and the Internet of Things

Data Science and Industry

The industry is an integral component of the global economy. Whether automotive or food industry – the sector stands for technical progress and growth.

Because of globalization the demand for manufacturing plants increases worldwide.

The industry completes the task of an efficient production in price, quality and lots. The demand for industrially manufactured goods increases constantly and makes this sector indispensable. Mechanical engineers as well as industrial enterprises want to take advantage of this leading role in the economy .

Big Data in der Industrie



In times of just-in-time processes in logistics and distribution, it is the task of industrial enterprises to optimize processes with regard to efficiency, flexibility and transparency. This ensures successful market positioning and future prospects.

Digital Networking

Industrial enterprises have to be willing to change constantly. The mission statement of the next step in the industrial evolution process is the initiative “Industry 4.0” and the accompanying networking of the industrial sector in an approach to become a smart factory.

Pressure to adapt

To implement a technological realignment in an environment of global markets, effective methods concerning utilization of resources, stimulation of ideal production processes, and the establishment of a real-time monitoring could be the next steps.

Industry and Big Data

Insights gained from data analysis can be useful for the industrial sector in several ways. The “Internet of Things” is the key issue for the future of the industry and stands for creating intelligent and ultraflexible production processes.

In an increasingly competitive international environment, shorter product life cycles and faster technological leaps it is essential to have resource-saving, efficient and reliable industrial processes that guarantee a consistent high quality of production. In this context, maintenance and attendance of machines can be optimized.

Predictive analytics support companies to reach their goal of having an optimized maintenance procedure. Based on available machine data and information about production processes and environmental data, casual relationships enabling significant prediction models can be determined.


Finanzdienstleister und Big Data

Predictive Maintenance

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance are the future of this development: as a starting point of the future-orientated project Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance stands for generating and using information and becoming a smart factory utilizing the insights attained. The sensor-based real-time analysis of diverse machine data enables significantly improved forecasting capabilities about the condition of a production facility or machine

Supply Chain Management

Just as with predictive maintenance, big data analyses can bring crucial competitive advantages to the time and cost driven supply chain. Whether it is ad-hoc calculations of raw material availability or actual raw material prices, the constant transparency of the material flow, or the planning of future production processes – big data helps improve processes effectively.



"[...] the Penetration of our vastly production and industry driven world by the Advantages of Information Technology is maybe the most urgent matter.


Markus Kerber, General Manager of the inter-trade organization of the german industry


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