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In times when production processes become more and more dynamic, the importance of a comprehensive quality management rises steadily.

Systematical statistical controls in the supply and production chain as well as process monitoring in terms of six sigma can help to minimize failure rates, increase product quality and enhance customer satisfaction.

A well-conceived inspection plan for quality assessment and control contributes greatly to risk minimization by detecting errors early on.

Additionally, the detailed documentation of the inspections creates a foundation for reliable arguments for your contract partners

Statistical tools are the means of choice whenever the condition of goods regarding quality, error rate, and metrical features is to be estimated.

In the age of “Industry 4.0” and ubiquitous data acquisition there is the need for a software solution for the statistical process control which meets the growing requirements of quality assurance.

The open source programming language R is the most powerful software for statistical data analysis.


We support you in integrating R optimally into your QM processes.


R Programming language

With the powerful analysis software R wie optimize your quality management.


R Academy

The modular training program for the open soruce statistical language R - practice-oriented and comprehensive.

Its set of functions comprises all the analyzing and visualizing methods relevant for a total quality management and will impress you with its ability to integrate seamlessly into existing business processes and IT Systems. We support you in integrating R into your business processes and make its nearly unlimited potential accessible to you.

In our R Academy course “applied statistics in quality management with R” you can obtain the know-how to perform analyses with R on your own and achieve lasting improvements for your quality management. We teach you the analytical methods of reliability engineering such as FMEA.


The benefits of eoda | quality management at a glance

  • Holism: We combine our methodical know-how with the powerful analysis software R in order to generate the greatest possible benefit for you.
  • Independence: Processes in quality management are often critical for your company – in our R Academy we enable you to achieve lasting improvements autonomously.

  • Optimization: Less redemption of goods, safe process management or a more positive image – the effects of a reliable quality management on your company are diverse.


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