risk analysis

Identifying imminent risks with data science

Risk analysis as a basis for your decisions

Which risks is your company confronted with? What is the probability that these risks will occur?

With eoda | assessRisk we help you to identify risks early on so that you can make the right decisions proactively.

Whether the shopping and payment performance of your customers or upcoming decisions regarding the strategical orientation of your company – at nearly every company level decisions are linked to uncertainty and risks, which can have far-reaching consequences.

Visible risks are only the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, dangers to your company have to be regarded in their entirety in order to make the right decisions.

Identifying imminent risks and hazards has become an essential skill in complex and highly competitive markets. A systematic and analytical approach can contribute to a more reliable forecast of risks. This is the basis for foresighted decisions which can secure your company success permanently.


We advise you individually on application possibilities of risk analyses in your company.


Data Science Environment

We develop applications for risk analysis based on our analytics environment.

A risk analysis can contribute to make the risks and negative consequences more transparent and calculable.

In the age of big data, diverse data sources and different influencing factors there is a need for powerful statistical methods which can be adjusted individually to your use case. Within the framework of the eoda | Data Science Environment, we develop your individual application for risk analysis.


The benefits of eoda | assessRisk at a glance

  • Holism: We offer a comprehensive portfolio for risk analysis, from data collection to analysis to recommendations for action.                                   
  • Reliability: Our know-how, experience from numerous projects, and proven toolset will enable you to gain reliable information for your corporate decisions.

  • Efficiency: Existing modules allow for a fast and inexpensive project execution.


Application examples for eoda | assessRisk

  • Financial service providers: With modern analysis methods for fraud detection we can determine the individual credit risk of a potential customer prior to a commitment to lend.

  • Telecommunications: We help mobile service providers to ascertain the risk of a customer terminating an existing contract.

  • Public administration: Early identification of hazard potentials for a proactive coordination of police and rescue operations will increase public safety.

  • Product development: Implementing identified product risks just as far as is reasonably practicable (ALARP principle).


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