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With the eoda | data science environment we integrate data science into your business processes.


Various data sources


Statistical models and applications


Workflow and cooperation


Delivering analysis results


Operationalization in business processes

The digital revolution is in full swing: More and more companies recognize the benefits of a well-conceived digitalization strategy and the use of artificial intelligence. This goes beyond the mere collection of data – the key to success is the intelligent linkage of data, analytical maturity and professional experience.

Predictive maintenance in the context of Integrated Industry, fraud analytics in the financial sector or sales forecasts in retailing – companies which strategically use algorithms have one thing in common: they have realized the potential of data science.


The data science environment combines data, analytics and professional experience

Composed of the data science core and data science portal, the data science environment is your customizable solution for the successful operationalization of data science in your business processes.

It supports the data science languages R, Python and Julia, making the algorithms comprehensible and transparent. The data science environment can also be integrated with other applications. In short: An open and powerful solution for your use case.

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