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Correct, complete and up-to-date data is essential for successful operational processes. Data quality is thus highly relevant for IT tools such as CRM or ERP systems. Therefore, good data preparation forms the basis for analytical evaluations.

We increase the quality of your data with our holistic approach. As part of the data profiling, we analyze your company data and identify errors, inconsistencies and missing entries. Data profiling is the starting point for taking the right measures to improve data quality. With the data cleansing, we standardize the available information and correct erroneous data.

You want to merge your data which is managed in several databases in parallel? As part of the data integration, we consolidate your different data sources. By using intelligent fuzzy logic algorithms, we not only recognize obvious duplicates but also similar entries in your data sets. Beyond increasing the value of your existing data, we also support you in data enrichment based on external data sources.

The benefits

Efficient Data Cleansing

Mergers, CRM migrations or inadequate processes due to poor data quality: Our goal is to help you achieve a lastingly high data quality quickly and reliably. Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of data management projects and our proven approach. Your advantage is a fast return on investment.

Optimized customer approach

Your customer data is an important asset and an indispensable building block for a successful customer relationship management. High quality CRM data allows for a more coordinated customer approach, optimal information for your sales department and reliable customer analyses which provide you with real added value.

Cost reduction

Incorrect data can lead to a waste of money. We help you cleanse your data and reduce your costs – for example by sustainably reducing undeliverable or duplicate mailings to your customers. In addition, our automated process saves you time and the costs of manual data cleansing.

Case studies related to data quality

Data consolidation after company merger

After taking over a competitor, an international hotel chain is faced with the task of merging CRM data while ensuring high data quality. As an expert for data management, eoda has taken over the data cleansing and merging and thus improved the customer-oriented processes.


Data cleansing as preparation for a CRM migration

For an international industrial company, the use of a modern CRM system offers decisive advantages for the coordination of sales processes. The prerequisite for this is the availability of correct and up-to-date data. eoda's fast and automated data cleansing solution has significantly improved the customer's data quality and made a successful CRM migration possible.


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