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High data quality as prerequisite for data science

Increasing data quality – generating knowledge

Correct, complete and up-to-date data are essential for successful operative processes. Data quality is highly relevant for IT systems such as CRM or ERP systems. Moreover the quality of analytical evaluations depends on a high data quality.

Data quality plays a particular role with regard to address data in CRM systems:

  • Integration of new customer data, contacts, leads
  • Constant monitoring of existing data bases
  • Ad-hoc cleansing for marketing campaigns

eoda supports you with tailored solutions for data cleansing and consolidation in order to optimize the quality of your data permanently. fuzzychekC is our solution for automatically identifying duplicates and similar entries in your data bases. For increasing the quality of your address data we have developed addRess.

This application automatically finds correct and up-to-date address information of your business contacts – ideal for evaluating and enriching your data.

Our set of data cleansing methods not only allows for deduplication but also for pattern recognition within your data. In this way, we can identify valuable information quickly even in unstructured data. Moreover we have the possibility to add missing information based on public lists and other accessible sources of information.


The benefits of eoda | consolidate at a glance

  • Profitability: High data quality is the basis for significantly improving your business processes.
  • Reliability: Our know-how, experience from many projects and proven toolset guarantee a reliable increase in data quality.
  • Efficiency: Existing modules enable a fast and inexpensive project execution.
  • Flexibility: Our tools for data consolidation can be integrated seamlessly into existing systems and allow for further analyses.


This application reliably supports you in identifying duplicates and similar entries in your data sets.



eoda's self-learning address data base.



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