Data Science Projects

A selection of our data science projects

  • Creation of a concept "Analytical CRM" with international service providers and industrial companies.
  • Improvement of the quality of CRM data before migration (cleaning, enrichment, duplicate elimination) for an international company.
  • Text mining and classification of Twitter data for trend analysis in the context of a product launch.
  • Individual solution for detecting paper questionnaires and integration to SAP for personal calls for an industrial company.
  • Development of an offer configurator for complex IT services for an international group.
  • Design of a crawling solution for the recovery of address data from industry portals for an IT service provider.
  • Forecasting of price developments with the help of a multilevel model for a real estate management company.
  • Development of a sales dashboard including a data mining monitor based on a legacy ERP system for an industrial company.
  • Design and implementation of an enterprise wiki in an international group.
  • Migration of SPSS scripts to R for market research companies.
  • Geographical distribution of data visualization.
  • Demand-oriented R and SPSS training for universities and graduate centers.
  • Evaluation of market research projects.
  • Forecast of a local election using the "wisdom of crowds".
  • Digitalization of paper questionnaires and scientific analysis of medical studies.
  • Individual R and SPSS training.
  • Implementation of R migrations.

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