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A strong basis for the development, implementation and execution of your use cases! Learn with which features YUNA supports you!

Collaborative development

A cross-linked structure is necessary for the successful implementation of use cases. Only when users, data scientists and technology work together instead of in parallel can the desired business value be realized.

  • Customizable workflow
    From idea to service is often a simple sentence – with YUNA Workflow Manager, users formulate intentions, goals, and the outcome and link them to data. This allows Data Scientist to directly develop the corresponding analysis models – Fast return on investment in development, by saving time
  • Integration
    Automatically use results from other applications, such as Shiny apps or other business intelligence solutions, in YUNA via API or import them from YUNA into other solutions – Easy integration into existing system landscapes
  • Reliable and Transparent
    In which context should the result be classified? Where does this outlier come from? With YUNA, any value can be traced back to the data source from visualizations, tables and similar display forms -and thus directly resolve possible question marks

Update: 31.05.2021


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Model Optimization and Deployment

To turn Data Products into value-adds, you need features that support enterprise-wide scaling, customization and deployment at the script development stage.

  • No brake block.
    By means of dynamic load balancing, YUNA makes optimal use of system resources to directly execute and display analyses and result presentation – No hidden costs due to system optimizations required.
  • Intelligent filters as a database.
    How time-consuming is it otherwise to share information that you have displayed and filtered in tables or visualizations? Via screenshot? Via Excel export? In YUNA, filters can be saved, shared with others, and made available to data scientists so that they can precisely optimize their models to the filtered data set – Drastically saving time in development and optimization.
  • Reuse.
    The use case can be applied to other cases in theory? But representation or data pool would need to be changed? With YUNA, dashboards and entire use cases can be transferred to other instances at the push of a button and quickly adapted with ease – No need to start from scratch for each case.

Governance and Compliance at the Push of a Button

Every data product stands or falls with traceability and transparency. Only if the results are reliable, access is secured and complies with the guidelines, the investment pays off.

  • Secure
    YUNA offers granular user management. Rights and roles can be set as detailed or superficial as you need. You decide who is allowed to see and change what and where, down to the actual data source – Realize cross-functional projects with different teams, departments and externals.
  • Advanced logging
    Error messages are not always purposeful or else they are overloaded so that troubleshooting becomes tedious. YUNA does not show what happens, it also shows directly WHERE problems must be corrected – At any time informed about the process and fast support in solving the problem.
  • Use of and as authentication services.
    Bind YUNA to existing active directories or LDAP logins, for example. Or use YUNA to control access to databases and other applications, such as Shiny apps – Conveniently maintaining all compliance and governance policies.

Update: 31.05.2021


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Usability / Dashboarding

The best system lags behind the business value if the use is unnecessarily complicated. YUNA can be used to develop custom-fit services that can be adapted directly to users in terms of usage.

  • Modular Dashboards.
    Dashboards that display exactly what is needed. Need something customized or added? No problem – Provide your team, the interface they need, instead of using half-baked solutions.
  • Fast implementation
    With YUNA, entire views can be set up precisely at the group or individual level. The individual components are based on the rights concept – Instead of setting up separate dashboards for each group, one is enough. This adapts accordingly.
  • Practical visualizations
    YUNA supports a variety of visualizations. From simple tables to highcharts and maps to your very own presentation form – Shorten the information intake.
  • DataID instead of source links
    In YUNA, data from databases and scripts are assigned a unique ID. It is the link between the widgets- Complex processes can be represented and implemented more easily.


Collaboration is one of the key factors to guarantee the return of investment. YUNA offers various features that make collaboration on different use cases easy.

  • Share content
    Customizable dashboards are nice – but if you want to share your view with others, do you have to share screenshots or share the setting via chat / screenshare or similar? Share step by step?
    Not anymore! In YUNA, settings, set filters and entire dashboards can be easily shared via link – Save unnecessary steps in collaboration and get straight to the point!
  • Centralized Platform
    Each case a separate solution? YUNA combines different use cases under one roof! From sales forecast, digital twin and predictive maintenance to warehouse inventory and location monitoring – reduce the effort and maintenance of your toolset with just one application.
  • Connect
    Long meetings to clarify intentions and facts? In the workflow manager, users directly commission new questions that may arise spontaneously, comment on analyses, white on discrepancies or hook on optimizations – Avoid unnecessary steps in the development of new or the optimization of existing projects.

Update: 31.05.2021


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Applications that can be flexibly extended and used beyond the original use case contribute more to return on investment in perspective. Paired with customizations that pay into the look’n’feel, these can also be used by the company’s own customers, creating additional revenue streams. 

  • Whitelabel
    Visual customization, as detailed as you need it to be. Customize YUNA to your own corporate design or to the needs of your team as well as customers – Reduce media breaks and irritations.
  • Advanced
    YUNA is constantly being developed further and has a modular architecture, with which new modules and functions can be easily integrated – Just talk to us!

Update: 31.05.2021


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