AI-powered invoice management and automation!

– Over 50% time savings on routine tasks

– AI that thinks with you!

– Intuitive and transparent application

– Seamless integration into the IT landscape


YUNA-Module: Invoicing

What if you could not only check thousands of invoices directly, but also assign them directly to the corresponding cost centers, accounts and classes?

With artificial intelligence, this is possible.

YUNA also automates your invoice process – from receipt to final allocation.

Over 50% time savings on routine tasks

YUNA invoice reduces the drastic effort of correctly assigning invoices. The AI automatically recognizes and assigns invoice documents so that you only have to take action selectively, if at all.

AI that thinks with you!

Not only recognition and assignment are automated – also the further development of the AI! In the dashboard, users can directly evaluate the correctness of the automated recognition at any time by pressing a button. This evaluation then flows back into the algorithm so that it becomes more and more precise.

Intuitive and transparent application

Complete transparency: YUNA invoice reacts intelligently even with unknown or structurally completely different documents. If desired, YUNA invoice can display an indicator for “self-assessment” of the recognition. This allows users to quickly understand the results of the AI.

Seamless integration into the IT landscape

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