Julia training in Data Science

High performance, flexibility and user friendliness: This is what the Julia programming language stands for. Julia succeeds in doing this by combining the advantages of other dynamic and static languages such as C, Matlab, Java, Python and R.

A particularly strong theme of Julia: Data science. Julia is suited perfectly for the development of performant AI and machine learning algorithms.

In our Julia training course, we teach you the central elements and the successful use of Julia in data science.

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Our Julia training: Introduction to data science

The ideal introduction to your work with Julia. As data science specialists, we will not only familiarize you with the general basics of the language, but also teach you the relevant properties and features for data analysis using practical examples and exercises.

With this introductory course we put you in a position to implement data management as well as basic analyses and visualizations with Julia.

Course contents

  • Getting started with Julia
    • Installation
    • Overview of IDEs
  • Philosophy and basic concept of Julia
  • Data structures and their properties
  • Data management with Julia
  • Grinding and control elements in Julia
  • Explorative analyses with Julia
    • Introduction to Gadfly.jl
    • Visualization with Plots.jl
  • Optional for R and Python users:
    • Integration of R and Python libraries in Julia
      • ggplot2
      • pandas

Target group: This introductory course is intended for participants without existing prior knowledge of Julia or statistics and serves as a starting point for further work with Julia.

Recommendend course length: Two days

Date and time

You can book this course as individual training at a suitable date of your choice.


We offer you the possibility to conduct this training at your site or remote.


Please contact us, we will be pleased to submit you an individual offer for this training.

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