Machine learning as your competitive advantage

Would you like to further digitalize your company? Perhaps you already have initial ideas for specific applications that you would like to implement with machine learning. We support you in identifying, planning and implementing your projects. As a leading full-stack provider in the field of data science, we offer individually tailored solutions and proven methodologies.

Machine learning is a partial aspect of artificial intelligence. Training data is given to an algorithm. After that, these are examined according to patterns in order to find similarities. The algorithms developed in this way can then be applied to other data to uncover similarities – the system has „learned“. The frequently mentioned “Deep learning” can be imagined as a method of machine learning: „Neural networks“ are used, e.g. in digital neurons, to solve more complex topics.

The conceivable applications are diverse: From text recognition to fraud detection in finance, from the management of incoming documents to the development of autonomous systems. We support you with our expertise, so that your project is optimally realized.

Machine learning - Becoming more efficient

Increase efficiency

Machine learning methods can be applied in many ways. In the industry in the area of maintenance, more precisely predictive maintenance or to reduce costs, e.g. through more efficient energy management. With machine learning you can automate your business processes in a targeted manner and thereby reduce costs and effort.

We identify these processes with you and implement your individual use case quickly and goal-driven.

Elaborated concept

With our experience in various industries, we know which method is best for your needs. We do not rely on the simple implementation of your use case only. For example, we train your employees in Python and R. This enables you to develop your own scripts and algorithms with which you can continue your projects yourself. Therefore, we follow a modular approach consisting of workshops and actual development in order to find the best possible solution for you.

With this concept we have already successfully supported numerous companies from various industries – become one of them!

Proven partner

It is important to us that you become more successful. This starts with a comprehensive inventory and a competent evaluation of the use case or the uncovering of possible applications. The conviction that a good partnership is based on honesty and experience is firmly anchored in our corporate DNA.

We support you in the implementation of a machine learning solution in your company!