Reporting solutions for the data science age

Data science projects create noticeable added value in companies if a suitable software architecture is created in addition to the development of the implementation of the analyses.
As a full-stack provider in the field of data science, it is our goal to make companies successful sustainably by our own efforts. That is why we support you with an overall concept, consisting of the development of an analysis environment, the consulting and training of data science projects and, in addition, the implementation of software solutions.

Our software development consists of experts for backend, frontend and web development. To make the technical construct usable for users, our team is completed by UI experts, professionals in the field of databases and software architecture in general.

In the area of project management we work according to the agile SCRUM model. A project is split into smaller parts, which are usually implemented in a four-week „sprint“. In addition, it is characterized by short development steps and coordination paths. In this way, we can reliably implement new features and releases in the shortest possible time. The team combines technical expertise in the connection and control of all database systems and uses other programming languages such as Java and development stacks such as Node.js.

Als Full-Stack-Anbieter im Bereich Data Science, ist es unser Ziel Unternehmen nachhaltig aus eigener Kraft erfolgreich zu machen. Deswegen unterstützen

In the past we could already support many companies in different sectors. The experience gained has flowed into a specially developed analytics platform: YUNA.

Why software development in consulting Your company makes more successful

More information for better decisions

Say goodbye to the gut feeling factor and do not only give your employees easy and quick access to the most important findings, but also enable them to carry out ad hoc analyses themselves on the basis of current data.

More efficient processes and more acceptance

We create a new single-source-of-truth for you, tailored to every target group and with intelligent user and rights management. The error-prone manual distribution of poorly versioned and confusing MS-Excel sheets is a thing of the past. It enables you to create more efficient processes and a high level of acceptance for data and algorithms as the basis for your decisions.

A powerful toolset

With our solution YUNA we implement data and analyses seamlessly into your processes. YUNA connects data analysts and business users on a central platform. Learn more about YUNA and how our solution helps the global and technology leader TRUMPF to solve machine problems before they actually occur.

We are happy to support you with our reporting solutions for your company!