Regression, cluster or time series analysis: Statistical methods as the basis of data science

Data science is the combination of different competences. Strong statistical methodological knowledge is one of the most important ones. This also applies to us. The academic background of our data scientists is interdisciplinary. But there is one thing that unites them all: The well-founded knowledge of statistical methods.

Multivariate methods, time series analyses or Bayesian statistics: From our comprehensive range of methods, we select the right methods for answering your individual questions.

With the cluster analysis, we identify the most attractive customer segments for you, forecast the development of your most important KPIs with time series analyses or inform you with the survival analysis which of your customers is seriously considering a termination.

The advantages of our statistical method competence for you:

The right method for your use case

With our many years of experience in the implementation of data science projects, we select the optimal method set for your application. Our goal is to generate the greatest possible benefit for you from data.

The optimal toolset for implementation

When implementing your analytics application case, we rely on a strong toolset – such as the leading open source language R, which contains an almost limitless repertoire of methods. This enables us to develop the optimal analytical solution for your use case.

Knowledge transfer and transparency

Data science empowerment is our mission. This includes providing you with understandable information about the effectiveness of the statistical methods used and training you in the correct use of the relevant methods in our data science training courses – for example in the Python and R programming languages.

Let our methodological expertise convince you, too.