Using text mining to turn unstructured data into benefits

Product reviews, scientific articles, e-mails or social media: There are many sources for unstructured data. On your own systems or also publicly available on the Internet, digital texts and documents are almost available unlimited. They all combine the provision of insightful information. With text mining, we make this content usable for you and create noticeable added value on the basis of unstructured data.

Moods and opinions, customer needs or current trends: With text mining methods, we exploit the relevant information for you – quickly, purposefully and comprehensively as never before.

And more: Natural language processing techniques and methods enable you to communicate directly between humans and machines on the basis of natural language. This, for example, is the basis for voice-controlled machine control.

The advantages of our text mining solutions for you:

Raise the data treasure

Text mining is the only way to prepare text data in such a way that it is available for further analysis. With our extensive project experience, we structure the text data and create the database for further analysis and the achievement of your goals.

Better basis for decision-making

Algorithm-based, we identify meaning structures and correlations in text data and provide the information that helps you to make better decisions. Automate your information search with text mining and create more space for the essential aspects of your work.

We implement your text mining solution

The promising use cases are as varied as the text data itself. From text classification and sentiment analysis to chatbot development, we are your competent partner for the implementation of your text mining solution.

We are happy to support you with our competence in the field of text mining!