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We develop individual software that inspires you. How do we do that? In combining your requirements and goals with our know – how, experience in software projects and innovative approaches. The results present the basis for a high – performance, scalable software solution with a high precision fit and user acceptance.

Whether it its information acquisition, data analysis or reporting – make your data – supported business processes smarter in using intelligent software solutions.

Examples of our successfully realised software projects

Customer portal for data provision

A global market research company was looking for a user- friendly way to provide survey data to its customers. Therefore, we have developed a portal solution tailored to the requirements of the market researcher. User and rights management, clear dashboards for data visualisation, including filter and analysis options, as well as automatically generated reports are integrated within the software. This portal solution has shown a decisive improvement in the process of data provision.

Tool for collecting competition data

An international retailer has planned to introduce a software for data acquisition in order to collect competitor locations and related information. We have designed a tool which enables employees to collect intuitively and quickly information about competitors conveniently via app. The data is stored in a central database and available for further analyses.

Software for automatic document capture

SMA Solar Technology AG relies on appraisal interviews as an instrument of personnel development. The results of these conversations are documented in a multi-page paper. We have developed a software solution that automatically collects handwritten information after scanning and transfers the data to the SAP system. By introducing this software solution, responsible employees could be relieved, and processes have been more efficient.

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