Data science in the automotive sector

From autonomous driving and initiatives for more sustainability to quality management: the areas of application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the automotive industry are almost unlimited.

For over 10 years we have been supporting companies in the automotive industry in the development, implementation and deployment of data science.

A selection of questions we have answered in our projects in the automotive industry:

How can the maintenance of a fleet of trucks be optimized?

Implementation of a predictive maintenance approach to predict a failure in the air pressure system.

When does a particulate filter clog?

Analysis of teleservice data and workshop information to identify problematic fault patterns.

When is the best time to change a brake disc?

Investigation of motion and master data on vehicle characteristics and driving behaviour.

How can recall actions be carried out in a more targeted manner?

Identification of further vehicles affected by a fault on the basis of the available data of defective vehicles.

How can the production quality be continuously improved?

Use of deep learning to detect defective weldseams based on image data.

How can out-of-stock situations in spare parts warehouses be avoided?

Forecasting future sales by means of time series analyses based on historical sales volumes.

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