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Whether it is the preparation of collected data, the analysis or the appealing visualisation of obtained information– we support you in presenting existing insights. As data science specialists, we help you display knowledge comprehensible and thereby uncovering unknown interrelations.

As part of a project-related cooperation or one of our proven training course – we give you the opportunity to master challenges in the digital age. Make the most of emerging data floods with our support. Proven methods and innovative approaches will be used to link data sources that enables the analysis of your data in more depth.

Image analyses based on customer surveys, trend analyses using social media data or the clustering of customer data regarding their purchasing behaviour – the use cases are manifold. We are your contact for all questions concerning data mining and predictive analytics.

Application cases and their advantages

Data management

Unstructured data, missing information or duplicates – the examined data base is nowadays more complex than in times of analogue surveys. More than ever, data management is the foundation for further analyses. We perform data cleansing, structure available information and correct erroneous data. A typical application example is the pre-processing (stopword removal, stemming, tokenisation) for text mining with open responses.

Data analysis

Marketing & sales, consumer behaviour, production or purchasing, leisure activities or nutrition – more and more data is being produced and stored in all areas. The trick is to identify meaningful patterns in these data. To achieve this, we combine our methodological know-how with one of the solutions for statistical data analysis – R. As leading R-experts in German-speaking areas, we use the open source programming language to generate knowledge for almost every application.

Data visualisation

A picture is worth a thousand words. Vivid visualisations are often the best way to present the results of complex analyses in a tangible and comprehensive way. The decisive factor here is the graphic design. No matter whether you are looking for interactive graphics or automated report generation with a simple click – we will find the optimal data visualisation for every application case. Thanks to many years of experience in data science projects and training courses on data visualisation, we have the knowledge on how to present data results effectively.

Case Study

Automatic categorisation of answers

eoda has developed a text mining algorithm for the OBI Group that reliably classifies open answers from a customer survey. Thus, eoda supports OBI in the efficient evaluation of questionnaires. Answers to open questions no longer have to be categorised manually but can be automatically assigned to the corresponding answer classes. This leads to a significant reduction in time expenditure and work load while maintaining a high quality.


Image analysis for German handball team

A regular evaluation of their own image is essential for an emerging association such as MT Melsungen. As specialists for methodical implementation and evaluation of data surveys, eoda has undertaken a full image analysis for MT Melsungen. This has included the questionnaire creation, data management, data analysis and reporting.

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