Utilizing optimization potential with Data Science

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Optimizing means taking the next step. With our know-how in the field of data science, we pave the way for process optimization in your company. Optimization problems are often complex and depend on a multitude of influencing variables. Therefore, we link relevant information for you in holistic models to provide reliable results that help you make the best possible use of your existing potentials.

Application cases and their advantages


How will customers react to price changes? What are the effects of seasonal fluctuations on sales? Which products are particularly suitable for special offers? We help you optimize your pricing with analytics. Make the right price decisions based on data-driven results. We support you on a case-by-case basis within the scope of a project or with a sustainably operationalized analytical solution for price optimization.

Marketing & Sales

Which existing customer has the highest affinity for a new product? How should the next sales campaign be designed? How can the optimal response be achieved with a given budget? With Data Science we increase your understanding of your customers’ needs and enable you to raise your customer approach to a new level with more targeted sales and marketing activities.


How can the production program be improved? What is the optimum quantity of a product to be produced? How can bottlenecks in production be avoided? We make your production a little smarter with statistical optimization methods and help you even with rapidly changing requirements to make the optimal decision.

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Benefit from our data science know-how and experience and unlock the potential of your data.


We believe in data science enablement. In our training courses we will teach you the skills for writing your own digital success story.


YUNA offers you the foundation for a productive application of data science in companies.

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