Programming language R

R: The leading solution for statistical data analysis

The programming language R is one of the best solutions for analyzing and visualizing data, for data mining and predictive analytics.

R is extremely powerful and very flexible compared to most of the big commercial software packages for data analysis. It is open source and is constantly being developed by a global scientific community. Hence, R sets an unprecedented standard of functionality, quality and contemporariness. The fact that the scientific community as well as big companies such as Microsoft and Oracle engage so heavily in R creates a strong investment reliability for R users.

We are one of the pioneers of the programming language R in Germany and offer a comprehensive portfolio for the productive and professional application of R.



Our reasons for R


Scope of Functions

Without any additional investment, the scope of functions implemented in R is unrivaled. For the future, it seems rather unlikely that any commercial corporation will find a sustainable business model with the same drive and power to innovate as the R community.


The main motor for the constant progress of R lies in academia. Two thirds of the core developers of R are professors, all of whom are professional data scientists in the academic or commercial sector. R provides a very high reliability as well as state-of-the-art statistical methods.

R in the Analytic Stack

R can be integrated into any layer of analytical and reporting architecture – from the data storage layer over the data analysis layer to the layer presenting results. Almost every provider of name for analytical solutions offers an interface for R and a variety of integrational possibilities.

Data Visualization

R is one of the most resourceful alternatives for the generation of presentable graphics. The entire workflow from data management over analysis to visualization can be realized in R.


With the same code, the same tools and similar know-how, R experts are capable of applying data mining, text mining or regression analysis to both, big data on a Hadoop cluster or small-scale studies. 

Investment Relability

The involvement of the scientific community in the development of R combined with the ever-growing engagement of large companies with R underlines the forcefulness with which R has conquered the market of data analytics in the last years, and raises expectations of an even brighter future.

Licensing Costs

R is open source and, opposed to other solutions for data analysis, there are no licensing costs whatsoever associated with it.


International universities train more and more students and employees in R. As open source initiatives – just like Linux – are very popular in academia, a very steady stream of experts in analysis with R originates from the universities.


Being independent of any platform, R is universally applicable and rather simple to integrate into existing IT landscapes.

eoda | Professional R

Our comprehensive portfolio for the application of R in the productive business environment:


R Academy

The eoda R Academy is a modular training program which deals with the various possibilities of the free programming language R in a practice-oriented and comprehensive way.



We support you with our extensive experience as one of the first integrators of R in Germany. From migrating single subtasks to a complete transfer to R - with eoda | migrateR we will find the best way for optimizing your analytical processes.

R Support

With the eoda | R Support we extend the R community by a reliable partner for your individual problems related to the productive use of R.


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