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Have you identified a promising analytic use- case which you would like to implement? Would you like to expand your know- how in the field of data science for a specific application case?

Data management, analyses with techniques such as data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence or the assessment of recommendations for action- we support you comprehensively to gain knowledge of your data.

In identifying your optimisation potentials, we provide you with our proven set of methods and long-term experience in analytical projects to gain decisive competitive advantages for you.

Our interdisciplinary skill set deriving from mathematics, statistics and software development, combined with our in-depth understanding for business processes enable us to bridge between big data and big business.


Four steps to a successful data science project with us:

Initial workshop

During the first workshop we determine the project scope together with you and define relevant data as well as the project schedule and technical procedure.

Data management

Cleansing, merging and recoding: within the framework of data management we lay the decisive foundation for a successful model construction.


The core component of a data science project: we develop analyses and forecast models adapted to your objectives.

Concluding Workshop

Transparent and comprehensible: we explain our approach, train your employees with regards to the methods used and present the project results.

Data science projects with eoda- your advantages:

Enablement: In close cooperation we implement your data science use- cases and explain our approach. Furthermore, we train you in the methods used so that you will be able to use the resulting analysis script as well as further project results optimally and independently. By creating sustainable knowledge, the gained strategic benefit will help you realign your company.

State of the art methods: The one-algorithm-fits-all approach and the vendor lock-in are methods you will not find within our policy. Instead we use a variety of methods and believe in transparency and flexibility as a decisive foundation. For this reason, we focus on open source tools for our methods. Our tools range from R, Python or Julia as programming language; TensorFlow, Caffe or MxNet as deep - learning frameworks or spark, mahout or h2o as big data tools. You can profit from the latest technology and our holistic approach.

Experience: Benefit from our long-term experience designing and implementing data science projects for companies of all sectors. Whether it is predictive maintenance, fraud detection or shopping basket analysis, convince yourself of our working methods with the help of our case studies and get inspired for your own data science success story.

We implement your data science use-case. Contact us for more information.

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