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A picture is worth a thousand words: Vivid visualizations and reports are the best way to make results of complex analyses tangible and convey the findings in an understandable way. Sales figures, results from customer surveys, machine data or KPIs – you have a variety of data and information that you want to make available to your employees or external stakeholders. From customizable reports to interactive web applications, from a one-time campaign reporting to an integrated solution for automated, continuous reports – we help you tell a story with your data using proven methods and creative approaches.

In addition to our project services, we offer training courses and workshops to enable you to optimally process your data yourself and to generate appealing reports on your own.

Your benefits


Providing customized and up-to-date visualizations and reports manually for a large group of recipients requires a great deal of effort. Our automated reporting allows you to generate reports tailored to your requirements at the touch of a button, saving you money and valuable time in the generation and provision.


The information provided by reports and visualizations can form a reliable basis for your decisions. In order to achieve the greatest possible information gain, it is crucial to be able to adapt the reports for different recipient groups or even individual recipients. We enable you to provide each employee with exactly the information that is relevant to them.


Interactive data views are a flexible and efficient way to analyze data and optimally present analysis results. Interactive graphical applications offer queries, selections, highlighting or a modification of graphics parameters. Through the targeted use of interactive elements, we increase the added value of your reports for the recipients.

Case Studies

Knowledge Transfer Workshop: Shiny apps for DB Analytics

In a workshop, we enabled the DB Analytics team to provide attractive analysis results quickly using Shiny. With Shiny you can create interactive web applications with R code, which can also be operated intuitively by users without programming knowledge.


Automated creation of individual reports

We enabled a retailer to generate customized reports for each of their stores at the touch of a button. They contain individual information about important key figures as well as a visualization of the catchment area.

Operationalizing statistical evaluations

By introducing R, we helped an NPO to replace its heterogeneous toolset, streamline work processes, enhance the resulting reporting and save licensing costs.

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Consulting & Projects

Benefit from the know-how and experience of the German data science specialist and unlock the potential of your data.


We believe in data science enablement. In our training courses we will teach you the skills for writing your own digital success story.


YUNA offers you the foundation for a productive application of data science in companies.

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