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Optimising inventories with data science

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Optimum product availability is the key to satisfy your customers, but often entails high storage costs for large overstocks of retail companies. The challenge is therefore to determine the optimal inventory level which ensures continuous product availability and causes only minimal storages costs.

Precise sales planning based on reliable forecast is important to maximise product availability and satisfy customers. In using existing data such as sales figures, customer information or demand trends, you can forecast your upcoming sales figures. We support you in the analytical evaluation of this data.


Advantages of a data-based sales planning

Satisfied customers

There is nothing more annoying for customers than having to realise that the desired product is sold out. We support you to minimise out-of- stock situations and deepen customer relationships. Consequently, you will be able to stop profit loss due to insufficient inventory.

Low costs

A reliable sales forecast forms the basis for efficient merchandise planning. If you know your future need for goods, you can avoid large overstocking of unsold products and minimise your storage costs without risking any shelf gaps.

Planning security

Many factors that influence the customers purchase behaviour makes sales planning to a very complex issue. We develop a reliable forecasting model for you that takes relevant influences into account and provides you with a transparent foundation for your sales plan.

Case studies

Optimising promotional business for an international retailer

eoda has used data mining to determine unknown patterns and relations in sales figures. The results have helped shape recommendations for the planning and management of sales promotions.

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