Sales Forecast

Planning your sales with data science

Optimal product availability and satisfied customers with sales forecasts


An efficient production relies on dependable information on the customer demand. If you know your customers’ requirements, you can adjust your production accordingly.Absatzprognose von eoda

We develop a reliable forecast model for you which regards relevant influences and offers a transparent and comprehensible basis of decision-making.


The benefits of reliable sales forecasts:

  • Knowing the relevant influences on the sales figures
  • Higher customer satisfaction due to less out-of-stock situations
  • Knowing the optimum output
  • Lower costs due to optimized stocks
  • Better coordination of suppliers
  • Dependable forecasts on the effects of marketing activities


The advantages of eoda:

  • Holistic performance: We offer a comprehensive portfolio from data acquisition and editing to the analysis to recommendations for action.
  • Transparency: Our aspiration is to elucidate our proceedings and approaches for you in a transparent and comprehensible way, in order to generate understandable results.

  • Experience: Our know-how, long project experience and proven methods allow for an efficient and expedient project execution.


Broad set of methods

Neuronal nets, random forest, support vector machines or linear models – we adjust proven statistical procedures optimally to your requirements.


Data Science Environment

We develop an individual solution for your sales forecast based on our proven data science platform.


R programming language

The best programming language for analyzing and visualizing data as well as for predictive analytics.

Tap the full potential of sales planning with data science

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