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Which holiday destinations will be popular in the coming years? How should a great travel offer be placed to reach different target groups? Especially in the tourism industry, forward planning on a long-term perspective is as important as maintaining flexibility to react on short-term events and changes.

The key lays within your data. The available information you have on your customers, destinations or transport connections gives you a great opportunity to personalise your offer. In this way, you will find the right combination of destination, means of transport and price for your customers.

No matter if it is the forecast of travel cancellations or trend analysis, we as data science specialists are your contact for all kinds of application cases relating data mining and predictive analytics. We support you from identifying the optimal data science use cases for your requirements to the implementation of analytical solutions into business processes. Additionally, we offer further training for your employees to show how analytical solutions are applied.

Application cases and their advantages

Data management

Travel portals are supposed to offer high transparency and comparability so that offers can reach suitable customers. Structured data and data quality are here the key foundation. We help you increase your data quality quickly and efficiently. Not only can you reduce costs of incorrectly addresses mailings, but also create a foundation for further analyses.

Customer analysis

Demographic information, previous booking behaviour or market research results – we link a variety of customer data for you to provide informative insights for your marketing activities. We segment customers into attractive target groups, undertake shopping basket analyses regarding purchasing behaviour and develop recommendations.

Price optimisation

The right price policy depends on various factors. We help you optimise your pricing in determining the actual effect of special offers and recognising related seasonal fluctuations. Thus, we can provide you with reliable recommendations for your pricing policy which helps getting trips fully booked more often under best conditions.

Case study

Data consolidation after merging two hotel chains

After taking over a competitor, an international hotel chain is facing the task of merging CRM data while ensuring high quality. As an expert for data management, eoda has conducted the data cleansing and merging, thereby improving the customer-oriented processes.

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