Data Science Use Case Workshop

eoda | Data Science Use Case Workshop

The perfect start: We identify and evaluate analytic use cases with you

When data science meets the right use case, you will discover immense potential for optimizing business processes, improving products and services, and developing new business segments. With our eoda | Data Science Use Case Workshop we support you in identifying and evaluating the use cases best fit for your requirements and framework conditions.

You benefit from our extensive experience in the conception and realization of data science projects as well as from our cross-industry approach, meaning that methods which have originally been developed for a specific field can be effectively applied to seemingly unrelated use cases. This is part of the success formula for data science.


Components of the eoda | Data Science Use Case Workshop



The preparation forms the basis for a successful workshop. We adjust our proven approach to your ideas, determine the procedure of the workshop and provide recommendations on the selection of participants. Involving an interdisciplinary group helps to incorporate the know-how and the demands of different departments and IT when defining the use case.


The workshop is designed as a one-day on-site event. Our data scientists will conduct the workshop and evaluate data science use cases with you, in particular with regard to the present data situation, the expected benefit for your business, the analytic potential and the implementation effort. In the course of the workshop we will identify yet unknown use cases of data science for your company. The documentation of the workshop lies with us.

Provision of results

Following the workshop, we will edit the collected information for you. You will receive a transparent and objective evaluation and prioritization of the identified use cases in the form of a balanced scorecard. Moreover, we will create a qualitative reporting of the most promising use cases. This information will serve as a reliable decision-making basis for selecting the best use case.

The offer for you

Our services at a glance

  • Preliminary discussion for collecting your ideas
  • Structuring of the workshop
  • Counsel on the selection of participants
  • One day on-site
  • Two eoda data scientists
  • Identification of at least three use cases
  • Moderation and documentation
Provision of results
  • Preparation of the collected information
  • Evaluation of use cases in a balanced scorecard
  • Qualitative report of the most promising use cases

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