The data analysis specialist eoda and RStudio, provider of the popular correspondent developing environment for the open source data analysis software “R”, announce their partnership.

RStudio and eoda announce their partnership
RStudio and eoda announce their partnership

The success of R is based on the synergy of a committed as well as worldwide connected scientific community and the dedication of almost every commercial provider of data bases and BI products. RStudio succeeds in connecting the momentum of the community with the requirements of professional users. A prime example for this success is recruiting Hadley Wickham, one of the leading members of the R community, as a chief scientist for RStudio.

Besides their core product, a developing environment for R, RStudio has also released numerous free software packages for data management (reshape2, plyr, dplyr), package management (packrat), code documentation (roxigen), visualization (ggplot2, ggvis) and reproducible research (knitr and R Markdown). Therefore, RStudio is one of the most important pioneers for the professional use of R in the business environment.

RStudio – the most popular developing environment for both beginners and professionals

The American company RStudio with headquarters in Boston, MA, provides R users with arguably the most popular developing platform at the moment. The freeware version of RStudio impresses with a well-arranged user interface ensuring beginners will get accustomed quickly. Moreover, RStudio also provides extensive features such as auto-completion, object browsing as well as the connection of projects to version management systems like Git, SVN and many more.

RStudio is available as desktop and server version. The server version enables working on a server by using a web-based user interface, while calculations of any analyses will occur directly on the server. Hence, the time-intensive data transfer from a local pc workplace will be rendered obsolete. Moreover, server resources like RAM and CPU capacity can now be administered centrally.

The commercial user interface and software “RStudio Server Pro” also offers administrative tools for authentication as well as rights and resource management to control the work of different teams with differing versions and environments of R as well as differing hardware resources and priorities.

Shiny takes the results of data science experts to the users in form of a web-based app

Next to the actual analysis of data through analysts, it has become equally important in the era of big data and data science to provide users with results as fast as possible. RStudio offers an attractive solution to this challenge: without any additional knowledge of web development and server administration, R developers can now provide the public with interactive and customizable web applications.

Besides the professional support, “Shiny Server Pro” for business critical applications also provides professional users with additional functions like authentication, extended monitoring, SSL encoding and IP-based access protection.

eoda distributes RStudio products and offers and training as well as integration services

“We have been appreciating the work of RStudio for a long time now and with this partnership we will be able to improve the service for our customers and RStudio users in Europe substantially”, Heiko Miertzsch, founding member and CEO of eoda, explains the motives for this partnership. Companies like Allianz or Bayer are amongst the group of professional users of RStudio in Germany. “Europe is a growing market and we are happy to have one of the first German R integrators with substantial R experience as a partner in eoda”, Tareef Kawaf, president of RStudio, remarks concerning this partnership.