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Everyone is talking about agile software development – we are also committed to the agile manifesto. In close exchange with our customers and through the experience which we gain in our projects, we continuously develop YUNA in short four-week sprints – or sometimes in shorter cycles. A nice sign, especially in times of Corona, when the team plays together so well and manages to follow the self-imposed roadmap! In the new version several features have been added and improved. In addition, we are constantly working on a better overall performance.


Simplified scheduling of analyses

In this release we have simplified the cyclic execution of analysis scripts considerably.

What exactly has changed?

The timing of analyses can now be arranged intuitively to desired cycles. For example, recurring maintenance windows and other events can be scheduled right from the start, so that they no longer collide with important tasks

1.21 – "Technical Overhaul"

A new image viewer

We have completely revised the widget „Imageviewer“ in YUNA. With the widget, images stored in databases can be displayed directly in YUNA. The images can be photographs or automated visualizations of analyses, for example. In addition to the reworked user interface, the Imageviewer has other helpful features.

Multiple maintenance windows

During maintenance, e.g. in the context of a predictive maintenance system, it is necessary that already planned analysis jobs (e.g. analysis scripts to be executed) are stopped by the planned execution. With this release we have created the possibility to plan the maintenance windows even more comfortable. Any number of maintenance windows can be created individually via dashboards. This makes it even easier to plan maintenance (e.g. on machines or servers).

August 2020 1.20a – "Make it simpler"

Group filter for teams

In this sprint we have optimized YUNA’s unique filter system for effective teamwork. There are still private and global filters, i.e. those that a user only uses himself and those that he shares with all other users. Newly added are group filters, i.e. filters that belong to a definable team and that can not only be used but also edited by that team. This allows groups of users to see and edit exactly the filters they need.

Transfer of the current URL parameters for links (genLink)

To give dashboard developers more flexibility in widget design, we have extended the configuration of genLinks so that the currently active URL parameters can be passed in addition to the explicitly configured parameters.

June 2020 1.20 – New feature incoming

YUNA is constantly being further developed so that data products can be developed and used even faster. In this sprint we have set the course for a new feature:

  • With the upcoming Git integration it will be possible to import scripts directly from Git into YUNA. With this feature, data science projects can be developed and started faster and more securely

May 2020 1.19 – Sprint „Clean-Table“

We have used the time to optimize the table widget:

  • In the table widget, using the „addColumns“ option, NULL values are no longer displayed as NaN. The „addColumns“ option is used to dynamically add columns to the table that are returned in the result of a query.
  • Dynamically added columns added by „addColumns“ are now automatically removed as soon as they are no longer in the new record. The change affects data records that have been changed by a query.
  • Under certain configurations the export was available – but was not performed. The behavior of the widget has been adjusted to meet the expectations of the users.
    When generating a chart from a table, in rare cases it was incorrectly displayed that no numeric column was available for the chart. This has been fixed.

April 2020 – 1.18

With Version 1.18 new features have been added:

dseconnect as REST-API

dseconnect is a connectivity-package for R, with which the interaction between scripts and YUNA is established. It offers various comfort functions such as the use of DataIDs and filters.We have extended the package, so that now any REST-APIs of external systems (like Shiny) can be addressed to use and display their results in YUNA.

    • It can be authenticated against the system via REST-API
    • DataIDs can be queried via REST and their results can be saved


Global disable automatic analysis jobs

Automatic analysis jobs can now be deactivated globally. This makes it much easier to find the cause of an error.

  • Can be (de)activated in the system info widget
  • Time-controlled jobs are no longer started
  • Manual jobs are still started
  • Jobs already running are not aborted


March 2020 – 1.17

With Version 1.17 new features have been added:

  • Escaping in genLinks

    With genLinks you can create dynamic hyperlinks in table widgets. The building blocks of a URL can be put together individually. To create a valid URL we have implemented an additional function to prevent the encoding of certain special characters and character strings. This can be done with a preceding backslash („\„).

  • Removal of YUNAML contents under reference tags

    Dashboards in YUNA are often deployed under a reference tag during development in order to limit the visibility for certain user groups. We have built in a mechanism to remove this content from the database once it has been published, for example, and is therefore no longer needed.

  • Parameters for automatic logon to target servers with CORS requests

    The HTTP provider allows you to integrate HTTP interfaces into YUNA dashboards and thus integrate data from external services into dashboards or vice versa to send data from a dashboard to them. The parameter ‚unsafeCredentialDelegation‚ of the HTTP provider allows to activate the automatic logon to target servers for CORS requests. By default, a browser policy prohibits automatic logon to a CORS request.


  • As well as minor changes and bugfixes

February 2020 - 1.16

Different database accesses from different types of circumstances

The DataSource to be used can be selected for each situation in order to restrict the database queries.

Encrypted Connections to Data Databanks

All client connections from the YUNA product environment can be configured in such a way that they only take place via encrypted connections.

JQuery in the HTML widget

It is possible to include JQuery in the HTML widget.

January 2020 - 1.15

Cancel Stored Procedures

Stored procedures can now also be aborted.

Configuration for aborting database queries

By default, all database queries can be aborted if the respective database driver allows this. This can be changed globally via the service configuration, using the -tag for individual DataIDs.


The DataID Provider allows you to call DataIDs and provide the respective results via IO-Channel.

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