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Prefilters are a type of presets that can be used to narrow down the data pool for users in advance. They can be used to narrow down the initial data pool – allowing users to get the relevant information faster without setting up separate data pots.

YUNA Release Note 1 28 – Vorfilter, kurz erklärt
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REST API “dseconnect”

YUNA has an extensive API that can be used to control YUNA through various endpoints. In addition, the interface allows results from other business intelligence solutions to flow directly into YUNA and vice versa.


In YUNA, various content can be shared via URL, the information contained in it then flows directly into the respective dashboard. For this purpose, the URL contains all relevant parameters, which are read out via an I/O provider – so settings, results or entire views can be distributed quickly.


With the YUNA workflow manager, users are given an idea, a question or a concrete intention to transform into analysis scripts. For this purpose, concrete data pools can already be linked to the process. The workflow is thereby fully flexible and can thus be granularly adapted to the respective needs and also updated – in this way, Data Scientists, for example, receive all necessary information for development, even without long rounds of coordination.


In order for YUNA and RStudio to communicate with each other, the R package spconnect is required.

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