YUNA Features – Governance and Compliance

User/role concept

From use case development, dashboard customizations, data access and analysis management: you decide what users, groups or roles are allowed to do and what not – detailed concepts are possible, so projects can also be implemented easily, e.g. with external parties.


Together with the rights/roles concept, existing authentication services can be used for YUNA or you can use YUNA to control access to sensitive data pools, for example.

Extended logging

Log files that help instead of floods of information. Logs contain all relevant information about the analyses and assist with any corrections.

Multi Tenancy

A YUNA instance can control and manage multiple clients. The individual clients function independently of each other and do not exchange any information – for example, use YUNA clients at your customers for monitoring or process optimization.


In order for YUNA and RStudio to communicate with each other, the R package spconnect is required.

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