YUNA Features – Model optimization


Agents perform the task of script execution in YUNA. They provide the corresponding environments and can be distributed independently in the network – only the connection to the central YUNA server must be given. At the same time, they serve for dynamic load balancing, so that analyses run as performantly as possible.

Dashboard Deployment – dsdep

Flexible rollout of dashboards! Not only can different dashboards be developed and deployed, different variants of the same dashboards can be used, e.g. a dashboard can be developed, but the display is then based on the rights/role concept in each case, so that only the widgets and components to which the respective group is entitled are displayed – this minimizes the customization effort and the dashboards never look cluttered.


Don’t just filter, share! Each filter can be made available to other users in YUNA via URL. This allows data sources and subsets to be made available to others instead of having to set them up each time. Data Scientists can also use the filters or the corresponding data in their scripts.

Monitored script execution

With the script log, all analyses can be clearly displayed. Here you can see directly who is responsible for the analyses, what the use case is, is the script running stable and of course, when was it last executed – display hundreds of analyses clearly? No problem with YUNA!

Job modules

These modules combine the options for managing, configuring and controlling individual analysis jobs. With them, for example, jobs are executed synchronously or asynchronously and they contain all the information of the analyses.


YUNA can react to various events. This allows you, for example, to run analyses, create and send report, send messages, assign roles, etc. – Chain analyses, which in turn trigger analysis and further processing of the results, and more!


Endpoints allow various functions to be controlled directly from a URL – for example, users can be created, analytics can be run, and data can be retrieved from storage and displayed in the dashboard from other applications using these URLs

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