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Strategic advantages with Artificial Intelligence

We support you in using machine learning optimally


Controlling your sales activities, optimizing your maintenance or risk management. Do you have complex and reoccurring questions? Do you suspect information of strategic value in your data? Do you no longer want to rely solely on your gut feeling when making decisions?

Tap into your data’s potential as a reliable basis for successful decisions. With our many years of experience in analytical projects and our in-depth knowledge of machine learning processes and their application, we support you to gain competitive advantages. Artificial Intelligence is on everyone's lips, use with us the potential of AI and become a digital pioneer.

Artificial Intelligence of expert’s hands: the advantages for you

Proven procedure- rapid ROI

Benefit from a reliable partner and a proven procedure: aiming at your goals and the technical framework, we identify your optimal AI use case. As part of a proof-of-concept, we realize and implement developed algorithm neatly in our business processes. The fastest way from the idea to measurable business benefits for your company. 


The optimal method set for your use case

Each analysis project has its individual requirements with regard to the optimal method set. From classical statistical methods to deep learning: we keep the overview for you and choose the right methods from our large method toolbox for your individual problem. Furthermore, we combine various processes and make use of approaches from other industries aiming to develop the best possible analysis model for you.

Transparent approaches & AI enablement

Open source and comprehensible models instead of closed source and black box solutions: Python, R or Julia - we rely on a flexible and transparent toolset. In addition, we explain methods and systems used as well as the results, thereby creating reliability and acceptance for data-based decision-making processes. In addition, we help you to continue independently for further developments of the established analysis models – that’s what we call data science enablement.

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Benefit from our data science know-how and experience and unlock the potential of your data.


We believe in data science enablement. In our training courses we will teach you the skills for writing your own digital success story.


YUNA offers you the foundation for a productive application of data science in companies.

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