Partners we trust

Our cooperations create an environment in which innovations and synergies occur. The cooperative dealing with similarities and contrasts among strong partners increases the success of all involved. eoda works with selected and qualified partners. Cooperation completes our product range and creates a significant added value for our customers.

Our strategic partner


Smart IoT solutions for a sustainable energy supply: This is the mission of the strategic partnership between VIVAVIS AG and eoda. VIVAVIS, headquartered in Ettlingen, is a pioneer in the field of digital infrastructures. Data science offers an enormous potential to transform data volumes into future-oriented fields of application.


Our technology partners


RStudio is the maintainer of the leading R development environment, package developer, and provider of solutions for the professional use of R, and is a pioneer in the adoption of data science in the enterprise environment.

Consulting, procurement, integration, training: Learn more about our RStudio services.

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Anaconda, Inc.

Anaconda is the world’s largest data science distribution with more than 20 million users. The open source platform for the R and Python programming languages is used for data science, machine learning, computing and more to simplify package management and deployment.

Consulting, procurement and integration support: Learn more about our services around Anaconda.

Amazon Web Service

AWS provides a highly available, scalable and cost-effective computing platform in the cloud, used by hundreds of thousands of companies in 190 countries worldwide. We also rely on AWS for our data science platform YUNA and our data science infrastructure consulting.

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Talend is one of the best alternatives in the field of data integration. This allows process steps in data science projects to be seamlessly linked and real value to be created from previously hidden and polystructured data.



NVIDIA is the market leader in visual computing and one of the largest developers of graphics processors and chips.

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German AI Association

We are a member of the KI Bundesverband. With over 300 members, the Bundesverband is the largest AI network from companies and politics on the topic of artificial intelligence.


Exasol provides a powerful and high performance in-memory analytics database that helps companies change the way they work with data. With its speed, flexibility and scalability, it enables the implementation of long-term data strategies in the enterprise. The in-memory analytics database is available on-premises and in the cloud.

logo exasol


The world’s largest software manufacturer also offers interesting solutions in the field of data science – for example for the productive use of the data science language R.


German AI Association

We are a member of the German AI Association. With over 300 members, the association is the largest AI network from companies and politics on the topic of artificial intelligence.

Mobility Economy North Hessen Network

As a regional platform, Mobility Economy North Hessen Network connects nearly 130 different companies active in the logistics, automotive/vehicle manufacturing, electromobility, rail technology, mobility management and public transport systems sectors. Mobilitätswirtschaft nordhessen netzwerk

German Association of Mechanical and Plant Engineering (VDMA)

We have been a member of the VDMA for many years. With approx. 3,400 members, the association is the largest network organization and an important voice of mechanical engineering in Germany and Europe. The association represents the common economic, technical and scientific interests of this unique and diverse industry.


IT-Network North Hessen e.V.

As a member of the IT Network North Hessen, we play our part in digitization. The IT network consists of over 60 ICT companies and users from North Hesse. From start-ups to SMEs to large corporations, we form a cross-section of regional expertise in information and communication technologies (ICT).

Our partner of science

The subject of the cooperation with the University of Kassel is the professional exchange on academic and applied data analysis. This is also connected to the allocation of internships, bachelor and master theses.


Our Blog-Partner

R-bloggers is a blog aggregator that specializes primarily in data science topics related to the data science language R . The blog and the cooperation are an important contribution to the worldwide data science community!

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Oliver Bracht