Data Science in Production: The Way to a Centralized Infrastructure

Online | June 16, 2021 | 4-6 pm (MEST) | in German

Many thanks to all participants for the great webinar. Here, we will soon provide the recording of the webinar with English subtitles. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Get insights into building a centralized development environment for decentralized data science initiatives. Discover best practices of productive data science architectures and RStudio solutions for the professional use of R & Python. Get also  important impulses for your analysis environment in exchange with the experienced experts from RStudio, Covestro and eoda and find out what business value can be created for your company.

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Welcome & Intro

What are the benefits of matching data science infrastructures? What does RStudio offer for your analytics environment?

Success Story

The market leader in polymer materials solutions is also driving forward the topic of AI. An important component of this is the establishment of a central development environment for R and Python. Performance, compliance, going live: Learn more about Covestro's challenges and status quo.

Hands-On Workshop

It gets even more practical: In a half-hour hands-on workshop, our experienced IT consultant Christian Ewald explains how to work with a native git integration in RStudio as well as different approaches for deployment on RStudio Connect.

What you will learn?

  • Revealing insights into the pain points and solution approaches for the data science initiatives of the DAX-listed Covestro Group. What is a centralized analytics system? What tools and techniques are needed?
  • Learn how to identify existing building blocks in your infrastructure and successfully address them. What is infrastructure as code? What is the business value for your company? What are the benefits and why should you care?
  • What organizational changes are required?
  • Exclusive insights into RStudio products and current developments from the leading provider of professional data science software. How to use the native git integration of RStudio products? How does deployment work with RStudio Connect?

About the speakers

Daniel Schultz

Data Scientist| Covestro AG

Daniel Schultz sees himself more of a data tinkerer than a data scientist. Within his current position at Covestro Deutschland AG he drives the digitalization of the industry. Besides bringing data science products into production, Daniel focuses on building a vocal data science community and explainable AI. As such he is enhancing the overall data literacy at Covestro.

Portraitbild von Ralf Stubner mit Logo von RStudio

Ralf Stubner

Solutions Engineer| RStudio

Ralf Stubner is a solutions engineer after having worked in engineering and consulting roles in the financial and the IT industry. He is a trained physicist who likes to analyze complex systems.

Portraitbild von Oliver Bracht mit Logo von eoda

Oliver Bracht

Chief Data Scientist & Management| eoda

As Chief Data Scientist and co-founder of eoda GmbH, Oliver Bracht experiences the challenges that companies are facing on a daily basis. He also sees the opportunities that arise from innovative ideas and the willingness to change. His goal: companies should make more out of their data.

Portraitbild von Christian Ewald mit Logo von eoda

Christian Ewald

Analytic Infrastructure Consultant| eoda

Christian Ewald has been working in the data science and aicon departments of eoda GmbH since 2017. In the area of data science, he works as an R developer, specializing in the development of WebApps with shiny. In the area of aicon he is mostly working on the evaluation and implementation of current infrastructure & DevOps technologies. In his spare time he is interested in operationalization and optimization in the area of cloud computing.