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Use Cases


Generating knowldeghe with eoda | survey

Data Quality

Making Data Usable with eoda | consolidate

Customer Analysis

Understanding Customer Behavior with eoda | customer analysis

Sales Forecast

Planning your sales with eoda | sales forecast


Unlocking potential by optimizing with eoda | optimize

Risk Analysis

Identifying risks with eoda | assessRisk


Your access to R with eoda | migrateR

Quality Management

Optimize your quality management with eoda | quality management

Predictive Maintenance

Increasing reliability with eoda | predictive maintenance


R Academy 2017

The R Academy of eoda is a modular course program for the R statistical language with regular events and training sessions. The course concept is aimed to train you to become an R expert.

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translate2R: Easy switch from SPSS to R

Differences between SPSS and R and the idea behind translate2R.

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Training for the big data era

The data analysis specialist eoda presents the programme of the R Academy for 2016.

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