We are partners of Anaconda, Inc.

The American company Anaconda, Inc. offers with Anaconda as a data science distribution for R and Python with built-in development environment, preconfigured packages and own package management, a popular development environment for data scientists and data engineers. With more than 20 million users, Anaconda provides an open-source package and environment management platform for R and Python data science, machine learning, and data processing.

As the Anaconda contact in the German-speaking countries, we are available for consulting, procurement and support for the integration of Anaconda.


Anaconda provides an enterprise-grade repository for open source package management. It provides the ability to access more than 7,500 open source packages from the central enterprise repository and add proprietary packages. When new conda packages are published, users receive them in real time. In addition, the Team Edition ensures that packages are blocked, excluded and included according to company standards, thus guaranteeing security. This allows package downloads and access to be controlled and dependent packages to be easily managed. The distribution of the packages via user channels as well as faster access to the required open source software via caching proxies and finally the automatic delivery of the packages to the own workflow, enable easier and more efficient workflows in the corporate environment.

Your contact for Anaconda:
Meltem Hekim

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