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More efficient processes, new digital services, cost and time savings: with proven software solutions that integrate seamlessly with your infrastructure, we make your projects a reality. We are your contact for your enterprise-wide analytics platform, smart business solutions, RStudio products as well as Anaconda sales partner!

IMPORTANT: The YUNA product family is not affected by the Log4j vulnerability.

YUNA – Data-Science-Software

YUNA is the principle we have cast into an optimal AI toolset, inherent in all our products:

Scalable solutions that do not create further islands, but build bridges by integrating seamlessly into existing system infrastructures.

Flexible software modules that can be combined with each other and link people and artificial intelligence – so that there is more time to improve what already exists and enable new business areas.

Our solutions for your data products: YUNA

Implementing comprehensive projects, different departments, external team members, hundreds of scripts for different projects? With YUNA elements and YUNA platform we have the right solution for every scope!

YUNA – Different use cases in one platform

The central and collaborative platform for generating enterprise-wide insights and optimizing your processes!

With YUNA you can centrally manage and control different use cases, evaluate, visualize and provide analysis results. Scale your data products company-wide, transform your business and subject matter experts into data citizens. YUNA is the basis for your future augmented analytics systems.

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YUNA elements – the lean environment

The functions of a scalable execution layer for analysis scripts and project management combined in application!

Realize analysis and data pipelines on the way to your federated learning concept, use the full potential of autoML to significantly improve the accuracy of your data analyses or scale your data analyses without limits. YUNA elements directs scripts, resources and environments in an efficient and goal-oriented way.

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Our data products for your business

Looking for reliable applications that make your job easier? Take the burden off your teams with automated applications!

YUNA delphi – Reliable forecasts with augmented intelligence

Bringing reality and prediction together!

Screenshot and logo of YUNA delphi

Whether in purchasing, sales planning, price development – with YUNA delphi you combine human expert knowledge and AI algorithms for reliable forecasts.
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YUNA invoice – AI Boost for your incoming invoice processing

Capture – Process – Assign

YUNA invoice automates the entire process of incoming invoice processing. Cut the effort and cost per invoice in half at the touch of a button.

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RStudio, as maintainer of the leading R development environment, package developer and provider of solutions for the professional use of R, is one of the pioneers for the spread of Data Science in the enterprise environment.

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Anaconda, Inc.

Anaconda ist die weltweit größte Data-Science-Distribution mit mehr als 20 Mio. Nutzern. Die Open-Source-Plattform für die Programmiersprachen R und Python wird für Data Science, Machine Learning, Datenverarbeitung und mehr verwendet, um die Paketverwaltung und -bereitstellung zu vereinfachen.

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