IT infrastructures for data science

Consulting, implementation, support – From cloud infrastructures to DataOps to data warehouse. The right IT infrastructure as the technical basis for the professional use of data science.

Data science has become one of the decisive success factors in many industries. Nevertheless, a majority of companies have no or only an inadequate data management strategy: Do you already have a data management strategy or do undesirable data silos, compliance requirements etc. restrict the systematic use of data in your company?

In order to be able to use the potential of data science sustainably and optimally in times of digitalization, a seamless implementation of analytical solutions in your business processes is required. With the necessary know-how and the correct application of the comprehensive data science toolset, we create the right solution for you. Within the framework of our eoda | analytic infrastructure consulting we can thus implement the appropriate IT infrastructure for your successful data science and AI initiatives.


„The implementation concept of eoda | analytic infrastructure consulting is very well elaborated and suits to our requirements perfectly. eoda has implemented a productive analysis environment for us that meets the strict requirements of a corporate IT environment without restricting the way data science works.“

Alex Burisch | IT Organizer| REWE International Dienstleistungs GmbH

Data science empowerment is our mission. The right infrastructure is the linchpin for the productive use of data science and AI in your company. Our experienced solution and data engineers have been implementing IT infrastructures for over 10 years – from international corporations to medium-sized businesses.

IT infrastructures on premises and in the cloud

Infrastructures on premises or in the cloud with e.g. AWS and Microsoft Azure: We develop your “enterprise ready” infrastructure. What this includes: high availability, scalability, and load balancing to ensure the smooth functioning of your IT infrastructure. Even more: against the background of the security requirements, we guarantee a secure data connection for the operative operation of your analysis environment.

Operationalization of analytics

We provide you with an analytics platform that ranges from setting up the right IDE to hosting and scaling APIs. The broad data science toolkit offers numerous options to optimally meet your requirements.

Our system administrators and developers configure your servers, provide support and implement individual solutions for you. Through version management and deployment pipelines, we ensure that your data science projects are managed and deployed in a structured and highly automated manner. The implementation of the data science infrastructure can be handled and extended as dynamically as possible using infrastructure as code (IaC) tools.

Data engineering

Where is data located? How can information be bundled? Where is data stored? Is it structured or unstructured data?

With the help of the right data management strategy we pave the way for successful concepts in the field of data engineering. Data lake or data warehouse: we record your individual requirements and develop solutions for the professional use of data science in your company. A decisive aspect of this is the establishment of high-performance data pipelines as the center of your IT infrastructure. We would be happy to support you in choosing a suitable tool and developing such a data pipeline.

Operation & support

With selected tools, release plans of the used components are monitored with a special focus on critical updates. In addition, server and software monitoring is a crucial part of a successful data science infrastructure.

Three steps to your productive IT infrastructure with us:

From conception to operation, our experienced solutions engineers support you in deciding on the right tools and technologies for your data science processes.

1. Infrastructure Consulting

In the assessment we get a comprehensive impression of your existing IT landscape and your future intention. Based on this, we develop a detailed report that sheds light on the status quo. You will receive a manufacturer-neutral implementation concept with a roadmap and the next steps for the professional use of data science in your company.

2. Implementation

We implement your professional analysis environment. Benefit from our wealth of experience and precise knowledge of the diverse data science toolset in order to find long-term solutions for you and implement the best possible environment for you.

solutions engineer entwickelt produkte analyseumgebung für data products

3. Operation & support

The transfer to IT is a central component of this service area. We operate your analysis infrastructure and, as a competent and reliable partner, enable smooth processes and optimum support. On request, we will of course also train your IT administrators in the operation of the implemented data science toolset.

Our toolset for your data science infrastructure

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