YUNA – the data science platform

YUNA is a collaborative data science platform. It covers all relevant integrative, data processing and collaborative functions for mapping such application scenarios. As a result, YUNA reduces the Total-Cost-of-Ownership and ensures short time-to-market.

Thus, the platform enables the development of “Data Products” through

    • Comfort functions for company-wide collaboration
    • Governance functions for control and monitoring
    • scalable support from prototype to mission
    • as well as an open API for integration into the system architecture.


Recognizing competitive advantages, interdisciplinary working, efficiency and time saving through better data quality, descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, arbitrary scaling, easier decision making, value-creating machine learning, data visualization and API interface to connect with other solutions …

This is all YUNA!


Independent on data volume, queries, sources or user numbers – thanks to dynamic load balancing and modular design.

Data Citizen

Collaboration between users and Data Scientists. Pack your use cases  into analysis packages and have them implemented – without data science expertise.


Automatic visualization of analysis results, customized dashboards and report creation – all from a single source.

Centralized platform

Manage, control and execute various use cases, analytics and automated processes in a unified platform.


“What a powerful tool and what creative people who came up with it.”

Peter Seeberg | AI expert for the manufacturing industry | “AI in Industry” podcast


Key Features

Result Rating – Augmented Intelligence

Evaluate and optimize analytics results. Algorithms provide results – people provide the expertise. Result Rating brings it all together in one function and keystroke. This makes it possible to move from pure anomaly detection with unlabeled data and unsupervised learning to labeled data and predictions through supervised learning.



Go from mockup to custom view in just a few steps – Use and customize ready-made widgets. This creates customized dashboards, with exactly the information every team member in the company needs! Easily share dashboards with others and/or roll them out company-wide. Also possible: a dashboard that presents itself differently depending on the rights – / role concept.


Filter and database in one

Use custom filter categories and SQL statements to filter intelligently. Once filtered, views can be shared with Data Scientists who use the filters as Data Sets and apply algorithms to them. Even more, filters can be edited collaboratively and also shared among users – so exporting data is no longer necessary!



Start processes and analyses, run reports and alerts to react and make better decisions at any time.


Visualize, provide, decide

Display analysis results fully automatically as a table, chart or image. Make better decisions faster with data support. Use views as the basis for new analyses and create new analysis packages.


Cyclic analyses and more

Quite simply select one or regular time points to start their analyses. Well planned, they collide so never again other processes.


Integration of Shiny and more

View and interact with HTML content directly in the dashboard. One Shiny app for different groups and users? No problem. Integrated with YUNA, apps like Shiny can leverage filtering and permissions cloning concepts from YUNA – instead of building Shiny apps for each individual group, one is now enough!


Embedded in your system landscape

Display YUNA in other applications or have it controlled via REST API, operate Shiny applications in YUNA and apply functionalities such as filters – YUNA offers many possibilities to seamlessly integrate into your existing system landscape without creating further media breaks.

Trumpf Testimonial Marco Holzer

„With YUNA eoda enables us to fix problems before they actually occur. Thanks to real-time data evaluation, we reduce downtime, optimize processes and increase machine availability at the same time“
Marco Holzer | Head of Product Management & Logistics Services | TRUMPF

One step ahead - Connect the dots


Start small, think


The digita lecosystem

YUNA can be integrated independently of the system landscape. No matter if Business Intelligence tools, frameworks, development environments – data and results can be easily combined in YUNA via REST-API. The advantage: Continue working as in a familiar environment and use the information without cumbersome import/export workarounds and the associated error-proneness.

You also benefit from the entire innovative potential of your company: be it the business user who asks a concrete question or is troubleshooting, the data scientist who develops the corresponding algorithms or those who present the results.


Your data sources - your toolset

YUNA is designed as an open platform that offers a customizable approach – discover the new possibilities of using your data in a meaningful way!

Use proven languages like R, Python and Julia to develop your own projects and algorithms. Use any data sources you own or might own in the future. Share your experience and use it for new use cases – instead of building from scratch. With YUNA you can transfer existing analyses and tailor them to the new problem. YUNA adapts to the use case and provides the appropriate functions and features due to its modular structure. A platform for determining customer behaviour and for monitoring and maintaining your machinery? With YUNA you have both in one platform!


Knowledge grows when it is shared

Maximum distribution of knowledge is one of the basic ideas of YUNA. Thus, data stocks can not only be filtered individually, but the filters can be shared with other persons / teams. The same applies to dashboards, views and aentire projects. Advantage: If one person has made the brilliant idea / adaptation, it can be rolled out company-wide if required. The result: insights can be shared more quickly, work is simplified and everyone benefits.


Data enabled



Develop new business models that expand your core business. Simplify and digitalize existing processes. Gain a deeper understanding of interrelationships and thus make better decisions even faster with the help of data. Develop new services and data products – and gain a decisive competitive advantage!

Data Science creates a resilient data basis for better decision making. Only when combined with human expert knowledge does it become a real added value – the extension of human intelligence.

With Augmented Intelligence, you can make optimum use of the potential of your company! Create the basis for interdisciplinary teams and develop completely new analytical approaches. In a completely new approach, combine human expert knowledge with a resilient database to make better decisions. From now on your entire company can develop, manage and operate data projects.
Your company has an incredible potential of creative and innovative people – so why limit yourself to one team instead of making the most of the strengths of different teams?

YUNA gives you exactly this opportunity: to let different groups participate in a data project.

Visionaries – The Strategists

They have the overview and lots of ideas. The ultimate goal is to lift the company to the next following level. That is why you are always looking for new ways to optimize your own processes and to describe new ways.

YUNA helps to answer where potentials lie and how to break new ground.

Responsible – The managers

The priority is the economic health of the company. They are always weighing costs and benefits. Analytically prepared results are tools of the trade – you can’t do without them. Now you just need to be prepared visually.

YUNA pairs robust and traceable results down to the individual data source with logical visualization.

Specialist users – The experts

You want to find answers to important questions, form hypotheses, or react to the results – and preferably in ONE environment to save time, rather than dozens of island solutions.

From question formulation to targeted workflows to results presentation and enablement, YUNA delivers it all in one place and lets you apply existing operations to new cases.

Data Scientists – The Specialists

They are the ones who make everything possible. From the specific requirement, develop the operations or algorithms to fulfill and answer it. Or else they do valuable data cleaning for better data quality.

YUNA provides a suitable environment for scripts and algorithms to reach their actual goal. They are supported by comprehensible processes and customization options.


Technical Details

YUNA offers several features that give you the freedom to do custom projects!
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