We are partner of VIVAVIS

Intelligent network and energy management is currently gaining particular relevance due to the megatrends e-mobility, renewable energies and smart cities. With our expertise in data analysis, machine learning and the implementation of algorithms in productive systems, the VIVAVIS portfolio is rounded off by infrastructural IoT topics. The goal is to decipher complex processes and implement them in intuitive applications for their customers.

VIVAVIS and its subsidiaries share a passion for solutions that can receive, qualify, monitor, control, process and communicate data across divisions and functions. From resource data to georeferenced, safety-critical and measured value data from meter, submetering or IoT infrastructures. For the supply/disposal industry as well as for industry, trade and municipalities or the housing industry. Nationally and internationally.

Our holistic portfolio fits seamlessly into the expertise of VIVAVIS. Together, we are shaping the future of the energy and utility sector to offer our customers innovative solutions.