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  • Schön‘ juten Tach & Moin Moin: R trainings in Berlin & Hamburg

    Reading time: approx. 2 min Data science courses in Berlin and Hamburg - In April and October 2020 we will bring our popular R trainings to major German cities. Become a data science expert with R!


  • Data Science Anbieter Unternehmenserfolg

    How to build data science platforms - Part 5: Data visualization and reliable results

    Reading time: approx. 2min. What must be considered when visualizing results and data? We take a look at it!


  • Data Science Anbieter Unternehmenserfolg

    How to build data science platforms - Part 4: Database scalability and business models

    Reading time: approx. 2min. This time: Connect various data sources and develop new use cases and entire business models.


  • Data Science Anbieter Unternehmenserfolg

    How to build data science platforms - Part 3: Customizable workflows and dashboards

    Reading time: approx. 2min What if the individual project steps were based on the company and individual dashboards could be reused?


  • New YUNA release!

    With version 1.13. new functionalities and features in YUNA have been made possible: Shiny widget authentication, result rating, form widget with stored procedure and special characters in sourced objects - learn more!


  • Data Science Anbieter Unternehmenserfolg

    How to build data science platforms - Part 2: Intelligent user and role concept

    Reading time: approx. 2min. Why are users- and role-permissions a factor not to be underestimated in data science platforms?


  • Data Science Anbieter Unternehmenserfolg

    How to build data science platforms - Part 1: UI & Teams

    Reading time: approx. 2min. Which factors must be met by modern data science platforms?


  • Version management - The uncomplicated work on a common project

    Reading time: approx. 4min. Version management is a central tool for project management. Learn more about how Git can help you work more efficiently on joint projects!


  • Package management: Using repositories in production systems

    Reading time: approx. 4min. A good package management in production systems and a fully functional infrastructure are the basis for a complication-free development environment. Learn how to work properly with repositories here!


  • Ansible: Infrastructure as code (IaC)

    Reading time: approx. 3min By using Ansible, IT infrastructures can be automated so that manual intervention is no longer necessary. In our article we show you selected examples of how an automated infrastructure configuration can be implemented.


  • Kubernetes: Horizontal scaling of data science applications in the cloud

    Reading time: approx. 2 min Due to the constant growth of data and the ever more complex requirements of an IT infrastructure, there are always new challenges for data scientists and data engineers. One possible solution is to combine the RStudio Job Launcher with a Kubernetes cluster: Read our blog article to find out about the advantages!


  • Data Science Sprachen; Data Science Languages

    R, Python & Julia in data science: A comparison

    Reading time: approx. 3min R, Python or Julia? Meanwhile there are many programming languages, but which one is suitable for your own needs is still unclear. We give you a recommendation!


  • ODBC DBI Network

    Easy data access: The advantages of a unique database connection with ODBC and DBI

    Reading time: approx. 2min Optimum data access is particularly important for the work of data scientists. It enables them to access the relevant data quickly and efficiently.


  • Frankfurt FFM Skyline by night

    Ei Gude! - Data science courses with R in Frankfurt

    Data science courses in Frankfurt! In November it's time: We will bring our popular R-Trainings to Southern Hesse.


  • Are you [R]eady for production? The Data Science Event 2019 – Register now!

    [R]eady for production – The Data Science Event 2019. In the upcoming week, eoda and RStudio invite the German speaking R-community to the event for the productive use of R.…


  • R-Trainings in Hamburg – Register now!

    With more than 1,500 satisfied participants, eodas R-trainings are the leading courses for the programming language in the German-speaking region. In May, 2019, we bring our popular courses „Introduction to R“ and…


  • Is Santa Claus predictable?

    Two years ago, we revealed something sensational: Santa Claus is a data scientist. The secret of his success does not lay in his hundred years of experience as a gift…


  • Happy Birthday R

    Happy birthday R! We’re celebrating your 25th anniversary this month. In 1993, when your developers Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman – whose two first names probably gave rise to the…


  • Dear data scientists, how to make your work even more valuable

    In our previous article we have showed you how you can make your daily work easier with the right solution. The optimal support of different data science languages, a scalable…


  • Dear data scientists, how to ease your job

    You have got the best job of the 21st century. Like a treasure hunter, looking for a data treasure chest while sailing through data lakes. In many companies you are…


  • reticulate – another step towards a multilingual and collaborative way of working

    R , Julia, Python – todays data scientists have the choice between numerous different programming languages, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Would it not be convenient to bring…


  • Data Wonderland: Christmas songs from the viewpoint of a data scientist

    Whether „Driving Home for Christmas“, „Winter Wonderland“, „Let it snow!“ or „Last Christmas“ – every year christmas songs are taking over the charts again. While average Joe is joyfully putting…


  • Tutorial: How to set up a Twitter bot using R

    On occasion of the 10,000th R package on CRAN, eoda operated an automated Twitter account which regularly posted the current number of packages available on CRAN until the 10,000-package milestone…


  • On occasion of the 10,000th R package: The eoda Top 10

    R just passed another milestone: 10,000 packages on CRAN. From A3 to zyp, from ABC analysis to zero-inflated models – 10,000 R packages mean great variety and methods for almost…