RStudio Team Admin Training

We train you in RStudio Server Pro, RStudio Connect and RStudio Package Manager – remotely

RStudio Team is a bundle of professional software for statistical data analysis, package management and data product exchange. As a certified RStudio partner, we will train you in the proper use of RStudio Team – in German. We will help you get started with the implementation, configuration and use of RStudio Server Pro, RStudio Connect and RStudio Package Manager. We combine the proven RStudio course program with our expertise as one of the leading R integrators.

Find out how you can exploit the diverse possibilities of the RStudio products for your company. Basic experience in using the Linux command line (setting up an SSH session, editing configuration files with a text editor, starting and stopping services, working with log files) is recommended as previous knowledge for this course. Deeper R knowledge is not necessary.

RStudio Team Admin Training course content:

  • RStudio Server Pro
    • Installation
    • Security and authentication (Kerberos integration, configuration with LDAP etc.)
    • R startup and package installation
  • RStudio Connect
    • Installation
    • Configuration (using RStudio Floating License Manager)
    • Deployment of simple applications
    • Deployment and scaling of Shiny apps
    • Deployment of R markdown reports
    • Use of APIs
  • RStudio Package Manager
    • Installation on a server
    • Configuration & deployment of the RSPM Command Line Interface (CLI)
    • Use of package repositories

It also provides first-hand insights into troubleshooting, common pitfalls and tools to quickly identify the causes of errors.

In this course, you will build a sandbox environment and learn how to use RStudio Team through practical exercises. We provide you with a virtual environment in the cloud to which you connect via SSH and browser.


Date and time

You can book this course as individual training at a suitable date of your choice.


We offer you the possibility to conduct this training at your site or via remote.


Please contact us, we will be pleased to submit you an individual offer for this training.

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