Better customer understanding with
shopping basket analysis

We transform data into the driving force of your product group management, pricing and sales marketing. With the shopping basket analysis, we recognize patterns and rules in the buying behavior of your customers for you. Most of the times, the required data is available – the purchase data collected by your merchandise management systems. We transform this information into useful knowledge about the needs and behavior of your customers.

The advantages of a shopping basket analysis:

Exploit cross-selling potential and economies of scope

Offer your target group exactly the products and services that are relevant for you – in the personal address or in the design of your salesrooms. In this way, you can turn individual purchases into a real customer journey.

Increase your customer satisfaction

We help you to understand your target group even better. Increase your response rates and customer commitment with more targeted measures. The right offer, in the right place at the right time: Inspire your customers with this in the future.

Benefit sustainably

We enable you to benefit in the long term from the analysis models we have developed. We train you in the used methods and implement the analytics solution seamlessly into your IT landscape. The purchasing behavior of your customers is constantly changing – do not miss these changes and react proactively and data-based.

Unlock your data potential.
We support you in this.
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