Churn prediction: Increase your customer loyalty

Customer loyalty and commitment are the cornerstones of sustainable business success. In times of global competition and almost unlimited information, customer loyalty has changed. The willingness of customers to change is increasing. Therefore, make the right decisions when addressing your existing customers.  

With churn prediction, we analyze the willingness of your customers to change the supplier and provide you with reliable information when your customers are seriously considering a change. For a comprehensive picture and reliable forecasts, we link numerous influencing factors such as demographic information, previous purchasing behavior or communications from complaint management.   

The advantages of churn prediction for you:

Increase customer loyalty

With us you can find out when your customer wants to change and why. This knowledge enables you to proactively find the optimal sales approach and individual offers for the right customers. Eliminate thoughts of migration and increase customer commitment.

Reduce marketing and sales costs

Studies prove it: The costs for customer recovery are high. The acquisition of new customers is even more complex. Optimize your customer relationship management and reduce the costs for new customer campaigns.

Improve your offering

With churn prediction you learn more about the behavior of your customers and recognize your own optimization potential. In this way, we contribute to the sustainable optimization of your offer and your customer service.

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Oliver Bracht