With customer segmentation to the optimal target group

The basis of a targeted approach is a distinct understanding of the needs of your customers. We segment your customer groups by using methods of multivariate statistics, such as cluster analysis, and identify the most attractive target groups for you. 

For customer segmentation, a variety of data such as historical purchasing behaviour, demographic information or current economic indicators in B2B business are linked. In this way, we transform a heterogeneous mass with multi-layered characteristics into highly selective customer clusters for you. 

The advantages of customer segmentation for you:

With the optimal customer approach to a higher level of commitment

The customer segments are homogeneous in themselves and therefore not only easier to understand, but also much more targeted. Use customer segmentation as a resilient foundation for your customer service and take the appropriate communication measures for your target group.

Address your target group in a more targeted way: Achieve more and reduce costs

Develop a resilient understanding of the needs and wishes of your customers based on data. This understanding is the basis for marketing and sales activities with high response rates and low wastage.

High ROI with existing information

Data from CRM systems, receipt data or results from customer surveys – you already have comprehensive customer information. As data science specialists, we can analyze these data and transform them into valuable insights for you. Complex data collection or expensive data purchases are usually not necessary.

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