Guinan – Turning data into knowledge with AI.

Guinan – Turning data into knowledge with AI.

Guinan lets you interact with your data in natural language to optimize business processes and provide answers to the questions you’re looking for – and more!

Get results faster

Save time and effort by finding and merging relevant information quickly and easily.

Enhanced knowledge for better decisions

Take informed decisions by considering all relevant information.

Once uploaded, Guinan recognizes the content of tables and documents and provides the correct answers to your questions – clearly presented and up-to-date.

Guinan bereinigt & veredelt Ihre Daten schon beim Import!

Guinan cleanses & refines your data during import!

Duplicates? Guinan recognizes them, removes them or joins them together.

Different software solutions? Guinan has various connectors for connecting your software.

Various application scenarios

 Guinan identifies correlations between norms, standards and KPIs and provides support with automatic report generation.
Expert opinion
VFrom the memo to the report with all sources and specifications – Guinan enables you to quickly create customized reports, e.g. for structural damage.
Financial accounting
 Guinan analyzes invoices, identifies and assigns missing information and relieves your accounting department.

New Features!

Improving model performance

The entire process from reading and processing the source files to outputting the answers now offers a wide range of optimization options. We will continue to make changes here in order to offer better performance.

Choice of model in the chat

We now offer a choice between two models in the chat. The guinan-genesis-de model has better performance for German-language dialogs.

File size for upload increased to 25 MB

To work even better with data, we have increased the upload limit!

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